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Originally Published 13, 12, 2016

The year 2016 is not yet over and Supercell and the Clash Royale team is going to bring you something big! They released a sneak peek of a new arena, Arena 9 - Jungle Arena to be released on January 13, 2017.

Additional Information:

Arena 8 - Frozen Peak will stay as it is and Arena 9 - Jungle Arena will be added on the 2,600 trophy range. This addition will move the current Arena 9 - Legendary Arena to Arena 10.

Just like how the team released Arena 8 - Frozen Peak, we will be on our toes on any jungle related troops who are going to join the fun. Expect a new jungle themed card to be released soon!

Arena 9 - Jungle Arena Screenshots:


As you can see, Arena 9 - Jungle Arena has a very luscious vegetation. More like playing Tomb Raider on a Clash Royale setting. Leaves are protruding on the screen might cover some tiles, but you sure can manage.

Image from nickatnyte video. Click HERE to watch the video.


During overtime, the arena will start to rain as both players are going to get drenched in pressure. Make sure not to get distracted though.

Image from nickatnyte video. Click HERE to watch the video.


Check out those beautiful Goblin statues! Have you also noticed that pot of gold on the left side of the screen?

Image from Orange Juice video. Click HERE to watch the video.

Arena 9 - Jungle Arena Cards Speculation on Reddit:

Tribal Goblins: Common. Two larger Goblins that carry spears and wear tribal masks. They do more damage and have more health than Spear Goblins, can target air, and as they kill more units, they get stronger, capping out at a 10% damage bonus after killing 10 enemy units and/or buildings. Their strength level will be signified by how rapidly they blink a light green flash. Cost 3 Elixir.

Anklebiters: Common. A swarm of eight small plant creatures that all attack and swarm the same target, slowing down and dealing rapid damage over time while latched on. They die as they attack however, and can be attacked by units EXCEPT for the one their swarming. The tower will fight Anklebiters crawling all over it. Each Anklebiter has half the stats of a Skeleton. They cost 2 Elixir.

Jungle Wrath: Rare. A spell that constricts all units in a Poison spell range in thick vines. They take small amounts of damage over the 3 second duration (which increases as it levels), and cannot move. Like the Tornado they can still attack. Is basically an alternative to Tornado which only effects Ground units, deals more damage, costs less, and constricts them in place instead of pulling them. It is easier to level as well, being a Rare. Costs 3 Elixir.

Bonfire: Rare. A building that all friendly units around it get buffed by. It lasts a hearty 45 seconds, but has the health of a Tombstone. All friendly units (but not buildings), get +20% max health while in its 4 tile radius. Costs 3 Elixir.

Jungle Chieftain: Epic. A large purple creature with yellow arm symbols that wears a stone mask. His yellow eyes glare through its flawless face. Golden feathers top it, and he carries a double-sided hammer, which he slams into the ground, dealing splash damage in a shockwave manner, spreading out in a cone as it travels. Every 3 seconds, he releases a blue pulse outward from his center two tiles that deals minor area damage and pushes back units around him.

Woodskin Golem: Epic. A mighty tree golem that is angered by the distreatment of the jungle! When placed, he roars a mighty angry roar that summons 'Rootchildren' around him that lasts 3 seconds. He cannot attack and is vulnerable while doing this. Woodskin Golem has 20% less health than a Golem, but has a hefty shield that is slightly higher than the Dark Prince's at Tournament Standard. Only targets building, and has no death effect. Costs 7 Elixir.

Rootchildren: Not a card to be played. Rootchildren are small units that spawn around the Woodskin Golem when he is played. They are essentially reskinned Skeletons and circle the Woodskin Golem while not attacking. Because they are summoned by another unit and not a card, they have no elixir cost or rarity. Six Rootchildren will be spawned by each Woodskin Golem over its 3 second effect (one every 0.5 seconds). They basically look like tiny "Ents".

Temple Guardian: Legendary. The mighty defender of the ritual temple in the heart of the jungle. While he is alive, all units in a 3 tile radius CANNOT DIE, and will only be reduced to 1 health. However, he is considered a Building, and can be attacked by Giants and such. Because of how POWERFUL his mechanic is, the Temple Guardian has the health of a Knight, scaled with level (A level 1 Temple Guardian has a Level 9 Knight's health, and so forth). The Temple Guardian itself attacks Buildings, as other note. Costs 7 Elixir, due to its godly potential. This may definitely need a re-balance in the future.

Ritualist: Legendary. A spiritual leader of the jungle itself, the Ritualist is a master of the nature-based arcane. She uses mighty runes to batter her opponents down in more ways than one. She has three 'Runes' orbiting her when played, a purple one, a blue one, and a red one. When attacked, that Rune will stop orbiting her until its destruction, where it will trigger an effect. When the Red Rune is broken, all enemy units will take 20% of their max health as damage. When the Blue Rune is broken, all enemy units in a 5 tile radius will be slowed by 20% for 3 seconds. When the Purple Rune is broken, the enemy unit who broke it will die. When all three runes have been broken, she stops moving, raises her staff, and summons them again 8 seconds later. She moves slowly, has the health of a Dark Prince (minus the shield), does minor Splash Damage but attacks swiftly, and has a range of 3.5. Costs 6 Elixir.

This information is from ZathusTheMageV on Reddit. You can go to the direct link HERE.


Arena 9 - Jungle Arena looks so cool! Its ambiance will make you feel like you will get a chance to meet Indiana Jones or probably Lara Croft somewhere. We will be creating a new Arena 9 - Jungle Arena page soon dedicated for the new arena and move the Arena 9 - Legendary Arena to Arena 10 soon.

What do you think of this new arena? Are you excited? You still have a month to go to earn 2600 trophies and enjoy this new playground!

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Originally Published: 13,12,2016

Last modified: 6,01,2017


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