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Last modified: 6,01,2017

Clashers! After a week of a massive update, here's another set of popular cards from the past week! Change has really come!

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Top 10: Mega Minion:


The nerf hurt it so bad making it less visible in the current season. But setting that aside, we all know that the Mega Minion is still a handy troop. It can perform well in slow push decks, where it can distract or kill units in either air or ground. Can we look forward to its improvement in the future metas?

Top 9: Witch:


The Witch is a great unit especially in slow-push decks. Counter units are easily distracted with the Skeletons it summons to support your main unit. It can fairly deal with any kinds of troops, ground or air, effectively. This unit is rarely used in higher arenas, but are surely superb in lower arenas these days.

Top 9: Valkyrie:


The Valkyrie is still a great unit in terms of support and mini-tank purposes. Its attack and ability are in need especially in the current meta, where spawners are usually seen in the spotlight. It can help a lot of decks and can fit in a great number of tournament decks today.

Top 7: Musketeer:


The Musketeer is a viable range troop starting in lower arenas. Players tend to use this card as a supporting troop to any kinds of decks, either slow-push or fast cycle decks. Its range and damage are just enough to deal with tank and medium-tier units. It cannot be killed quick if placed in a sweet spot to avoid direct contacts from the enemy's troops. It can even take down towers if left unattended. A great support at all times.

Top 6: Minion Horde:


The Minion Horde might be a risky card but can grant a great reward if not countered. The horde's speed and power is a great deal in killing big threats or taking down towers. Their HP are low, but supporting them is not that difficult. Players tend to use this card in Bait Decks, nowadays. It can also fit in almost all popular decks in the arena today. Just be sure to be wary to your enemy's spells to use its ability further.

Top 5: Hog Rider:


When you say cycle deck, the majority of the players prefer the Hog Rider. Its smashing power is fair enough to annoy the enemies and counter it quick. Its 4-elixir cost makes it easy to pair with a lot of old or new cards in the game. Though it is so versatile, upgrading its level to be effective is recommended. I bet almost everyone in the arena played this troop to push trophies, right?

Top 4: Elite Barbarians:


Elite Barbarians all the way! Many players are enjoying this new cancer unit inside the arena. They are just so ELITE, making most of the users hate them so hard! I can smell a nerf for this paired Barbarians in the next update. What do you think, Chief?

Top 3: Fireball:


Still, at the third spot in the ranking, the Fireball can do wonders no matter what arena you are in. Its devastating power is just enough to take down horde of troops or even critically damage a tower overtime. The Fireball can severely weaken a stiff strategy - making it difficult for players to deal with.

Top 2: Skeleton Army:


Making it as one of the most viable cards in terms of countering the Elite Barbarians, the Skarmy is a great unit you can use depending on your deck. It can swarm, distract or take down a tower if left ignored. It can help you eliminate ground tanks and some support units being used in the game.

Top 1: Zap:


Zap might be the Hall of Famer card in terms of popularity ranking. This 2-elixir spell can deal with a lot of kinds of cards inside the game. This makes it extra special in any arenas, with any players, in any situation.

Your Thoughts?

As expected, the Elite Barbarians will reign after the massive update happened in mid-December last year. Though they can be countered easily, players will tend to think nastier than their opponent to outsmart them.

We can expect a nerf for this unit in the next updates. I think Supercell is just thinking on how to make everything balance after the past update. What do you think about the current list of popular cards inside the arena?

Feel free to share your thoughts on the list above by using the comments section.

Information is based on statsroyale.com as of January 5, 2017

Article written by Forrest

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