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Clash Royale Zappies
Mini Zap Machines that stun targets, are they the best stunners after Zap?
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Type Rare
Tourney Stats HP (440), DPS (43), Damage (70)
Technical Details Targets (Ground), Speed (Medium), Hit Speed (1.6 sec) Range (4.5)
Other Details Spawns a pack of miniature Zap machines. Who controls them...? Only the Master Builder knows.

Zappies Overview:

Zappies spawn 3 troops that have low HP. Available in the Electro Valley, the Zappies can stun ground targets, perfect for stunning Hunters and Bowlers.

Zappies Stats:

Card Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
HP 250 275 302 332 365 400 440 482 530 582 640
Damage 40 44 48 53 58 64 70 77 84 93 102
DPS 25 27 30 33 36 40 43 48 52 58 63

Balance Updates:

  • The Zappies card is added to the game on December 12, 2017.

How to Counter the Zappies:

Please check our page How to Counter the Zappies

The Zappies are Best Paired With:

Hunter Ice Wizard Archers Executioner
Clash%2BRoyale%2BHunter.png ice_wizard.png archers.png executioner.png

The Zappies are Best AGAINST the FF. Cards:

Hunter Bowler Sparky Inferno Tower
(supported by a tanker)
Clash%2BRoyale%2BHunter.png Bowler.png sparky.png inferno_tower.png

The Zappies are WEAK Against:

Bats Minions Fireball
(equal elixir trade)
Mega Minion
bats.png minions.png fireball.png mega-minion.png


The Zappies provide a relief for people suffering with the Zap fatigue. It also provides interesting new gameplay, although we are not sure if it's enough to change the meta.

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