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Dub as "The little Lightning", the Zap card will cast direct damage within a small radius. It can momentarily stun the enemy units within it. Unlockable at Spell Valley - Arena 5, this plasma-packed punch adds another level of depth to the game by denying your opponent precious seconds - in a game where time is critical. It deals direct damage to weakened towers, while stunning any counter units trying to defend them. It can also clear away large swarms of small units. It offers the player a variant of Arrows at a cheaper elixir cost, allowing you to play it more often.

Whether your deck is defensive or offensive, Zap is flexible enough to work with almost any setup.


Zap does well to clear away large groups of weaker units quickly and efficiently. Cheaper than Arrows, and its larger counterpart Lightning, Zap is a perfect fit into anyone's elixir budget.

It can also be used to dampen otherwise costly DPS. For example, if your opponent sends a fully-charged Prince straight at your unguarded tower, a well-timed Zap can reset his charge just long enough to deploy counter measures.


Don't rely on Zap solely for direct tower damage. It's about as effective as Arrows, with reduced Crown Tower damage applied. However, you can use it to knock down the last few hitpoints just before the clock runs out.

Also, Zap is pretty ineffective against high-hitpoint troops like Giant/Giant Skeleton, and Prince/Dark Prince. You can still make good use of it, though. Instead of using it to strike down your target, aim to stun them - even just for a fraction of a second. It can help you turn the tide of battle in an instant.

Popular Zap Decks:

How To Counter The Zap:

This Free-to-play Clash Royale deck features common cards acquired throughout Clash Royale Arenas 1-5. It has low-level troops at bargain cost while Hog Rider pushes for towers, relying on Zap for support in this combo.

While there are currently no "dispell" cards or any way to accurately stop Zap, we recommend keeping a close eye on your opponent's cards.

Once you know he has Zap in his deck, you can work to draw it out more often. Bait it with small cheap units of Skeletons or Goblins. After that, put down something larger and more devastating like Skeleton Army. Just keep an eye on his deck cycle, and predicting when he'll use it should be pretty simple.


As Clash Royale continues to evolve, so will the potential of Zap. I predict in the games to come that Zap, and other cards that deny your opponent time, will be more crucial to winning strategies. Is there a special way you prefer using Zap? Is it a favorite or a dud? Leave a comment below, let us know, and happy clashing!


Cost Rarity Type Radius
2 Common Spell 2.5

Level Area Damage Crown Tower Damage Card Gold Experience
1 80 32 1 N/A N/A
2 88 36 2 5 4
3 96 38 4 20 5
4 106 42 10 50 6
5 117 47 20 150 10
6 128 52 50 400 25
7 140 56 100 1,000 50
8 154 62 200 2,000 100
9 169 68 400 4,000 200
10 186 75 800 8,000 400
11 204 82 2,000 20,000 800
12 224 90 5,000 50,000 1,600


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