With an average elixir cost of 3.9, this is the deck to play against the most the common decks in Clash Royale's Arena 3.


The most popular cards in Arena 3 are mostly epics - be it the Prince or the Baby Dragon. Other than that, we often see decks that are following a strategic line of play - be it the Huts Deck or the Siege Types of decks.

This deck is one built to counter everything, from the swarms to the giants. As they say, if you keep getting beaten by different-yet-similar kinds of decks, then why not create something that can counter all of them?


This deck counters the most used cards in Arena 3. It might be because you're not getting the popular cards like they do or you just got fed up in using the same cards versus the same cards they use. This Countercard Deck will definitely shock your opponent leaving them confused. 

The Countercard Deck:

Spear Goblins Musketeer Mini P.E.K.K.A Giant Skeleton
Spear Goblins Musketeer Mini P.E.K.K.A Giant Skeleton
Bomber Barbarians Baby Dragon Arrows
Bomber Barbarians Baby Dragon Arrows

Card Roles:

Arrows: This spell is used to counter those pesky Skeleton Army that usually targets tankers like the Giant Skeleton in the deck.

Baby Dragon: This air-troop can deliver damage to a horde in the air or on the ground. He can also damage group troops like the Goblins, Barbarians, Archers and the like.

Barbarians: They make the best counter attack to any troop. This includes putting a stop to the Prince.

Bomber: With good distance, the Bomber is perfect against mobs or witches too!

Giant Skeleton: He is a fighting tanker, unlike the Giant. He attacks ground troops and drops a bomb once he gets killed.

Mini P.E.K.K.A.: He's going to help push the Giant Skeleton to the tower.

Musketeer: Her aim is just perfect for the job in eliminating aerial units. She can also support your Giant Skeleton.

Spear Goblins: They are your pawns committed to support any push. With just 2 elixirs they're great in starting an attack.

Deck Strength:

In using the Giant Skeleton as a tanker, he will most likely not leave any enemy behind even if he dies. This will greatly cut down any spams/spawns/or mobs that were been attacking him. This will pave for a clear path for you to push. With the Mini P.E.K.K.A and the Musketeer, slowly build your troops while you counter other opponents. The least you should aim for is 1 crown.


Countercard Deck Strategy:

While the average elixir cost is 4, you have to wait until you have a Giant Skeleton before you start a push. The cards that you get at the start of the game are completely random, so just in case you didn't draw the Giant Skeleton, push with Spear Goblins, For sure your opponent will counter that card with probably another Spear Goblin or a Knight. Once he did, start the game from there. Pull out any card under your arsenal that can counter any of his cards. Just make sure you leave enough elixir for you to use your Giant Skeleton card. Once you pull it up, back it with Mini P.E.K.K.A. and a Baby Dragon. You might want to save up 5 Elixirs for the Barbarians for you to have defense on your turf.

Deck Weakness:

The only weakness that I can see here is if your Giant Skeleton was taken down by a Skeleton Army probably because you can't launch the Arrows spell. It will be such a waste because Giant Skeletons costs 6 Elixirs and that might give your opponent an Elixir advantage. Play your cards right and everything will follow.

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