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Type Epic
Tourney Stats HP (1,330), Damage (26), DPS (104), Lifetime (40 sec)
Technical Details Type (Building), Targets(Ground), Speed (Fast), Hit Speed(0.25 sec), Range(11.5)
Other Details The original tower destroyer from the other side of the Arena. Learn how to use the X-Bow here.

Clash Royale X-Bow Interview:

I know you've been there, doing the usual hoarding of elixirs, thinking of what card to use, and then boom somebody pulled up an X-Bow and all you can do is watch your towers get crumpled and crumbled. Unlockable in the Barbarian Bowl - Arena 3, the X-Bow is a building type troop that can target ground troops and buildings from far away.

X-Bow Stats:

Card Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
HP 1,000 1,100 1,210 1,330 1,460 1,600 1,760 1,930
Damage 22 22 24 26 29 32 35 38
Damage per Sec 80 88 96 104 116 128 140 152

Balance Updates:

  • On the August 2017 Balance Update, the X-Bow's deploy time was decreased to 3.5 sec.
  • The X-Bow's range is at 11.5, which was first introduced on the May 2016 Update. Originally, the X-Bow's range is 13.
  • On the February 2016 update, the X-Bow lost the ability to target air troops
  • The X-Bow is one of the first cards introduced in Clash Royale

The X-Bow is BEST PAIRED with the ff. cards:

Fire Spirits [Knight]] Guards Mega Minion
fire_spirits.png knight.png guards.png mega-minion.png

The X-Bow is Best AGAINST the ff. cards:

Princess Archers Barbarian Hut Graveyard
princess.png archers.png barbarian_hut.png graveyard-card.png

The X-Bow is WEAK against the following cards:

Minion Horde Elite Barbarians Royal Giant Balloon
minion_horde.png elite_barbarians.png royal_giant.png balloon.png

Popular X-Bow Decks:

X-Bow Decks for Arena 5:

Combo Clash Deck for Arena 5
Go on crazy offense with the Hog + Prince + X-Bow or on major defense with this Combo Clash Deck.

X-Bow Decks for Arena 7:

Siege God Deck for Arena 7 to 11 1 Crown Then Defend Deck for Arena 7
Play extra dirty with the Mortar, X-Bow, and Royal Giant!
Siege with BOTH the Mortar and the X-Bow. Protect it you must!

X-Bow Decks for Arena 8:

X-Bow Triple Spell Deck for Arena 8 to 12
High trophy X-Bow deck that reached top 4 global!

X-Bow Decks for Arena 10:

X-Bow Double Spawner Deck for Arena 9, Challenges and Tournaments NW X-Bow Deck for Arena 10
Siege and Spawner.
New Lava Hound + Balloon + NW for Arena 10!

X-Bow Decks for Arena 11:

Valk X-Bow Cycle Deck for Arena 11 to 12 X-Bow Triple Ice Deck for Arena 11
X-Bow Valk for only 3.1 elixirs!
The #1 deck in the world for ladder matches used by Som333 from Sandstorm.

X-Bow Decks for Arena 12:

X-Bow Rocket Cycle Deck for Arena 12
Rocket cycle for an unstoppable win!

X-Bow Decks for Challenges and Tourneys:

P.E.K.K.A X-Bow Deck for Tournaments 3.0 X-Bow Cycle Deck for Challenges and Tournaments
Pekka on one lane, while the X-bow lays down the ultimate siege.
Ice Wizard Deck and X-Bow present new opportunity for more Crown Tower wins in the Arena 9!

How To Counter The X-Bow:


The X-Bow is the original building destroyer in the early days of Clash Royale. Depending on the meta updates, the X-Bow remains a very good fast counter to the likes of the Princess and other small HP troops, as well as another building that can stand on the way of an incoming Hog Rider or Giant.

Last modified: 25,08,2017

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