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See how the Witch + Rage + Hog Rider combo can help you secure victory and trophies in Clash Royale's Arena 4 and above!


How far do you think a Witch + Rage Spell combo can go early in a specific Clash Royale matches, Chief? In this featured deck, you will see how powerful this combo with the help of the Hog Rider + Zap duo wrecking towers beyond your normal expectations.

Deck Strength:

This almost unstoppable Clash Royale deck can provide you a crown easily. This is all because of the "Rage" surprise. In terms of defense, this deck can deal with any troops easily with the support of your spell and building cards. This set of cards can also deal perfectly against Bomb Towers, one of the main villains for this deck.

Witch + Rage Spell Deck Arena 4 & Above:

Witch Rage Hog Rider Minion Horde
witch.png rage.png hog_rider.png minion_horde.png
Goblins Barbarian Hut Zap Fireball
goblins.png barbarian_hut.png zap.png fireball.png

Card Roles:

Witch. This card will serve as your main range-troop. Together with the Hog Rider, you can quickly knock down a tower with the help of the Rage Spell. Her ability to summon troops fast with Rage can provide you the victory.

Rage Spell. The trump card that you will be using in this deck. This will force your troops to extend their movement and attack speed by 40%. This card will make it easier for you to demolish a tower if played well. Its wide radius makes it much more effective as well.

Hog Rider. The famous Hog Rider is here to help your Witch out. He can also be used against any building towers. His damage and HP are superb, making him one of the most suitable cards to be used in any kinds of Clash Royale deck.

Minion Horde. Utilize these flying monsters against beefy tanks such as Giant and Giant Skeleton. They can also be used in killing a single ground troop in a matter of seconds. Beware of those Arrows for they can be killed in one shot.

Goblins. Their HPs might be low, but their damage is one of a kind. If ran out of Minions, you can use them in dealing with any troops. Handy for distraction and demolishing a tower. Can be dropped down in any situation.

Barbarian Hut. Will spawn a lot of Barbarians helping your other troops to advance in the opponent's lair. The hut's HP is bulky enough to somehow stop any incoming troops. Especially used against Giants and Hog Riders. Their appearance itself deals constant pressure in your enemy's.

Zap. Can be used a lot to help your Hog Rider get an additional smash against a tower. Depending on the level of it, this card can one hit a set of low HP troops within its range. Best used against the Minion Horde or Minions as well.

Fireball. Handy either on offense or defense. Use this card if being swarmed or throw it to severely damage a horde of Barbarians. Useful at all times.

Battle Strategy:

At the start of the match, drop either your Goblins or Barbarian Hut as an initial move. Let your opponent counter any of those. If a combo has been made to push your tower, drop your Witch behind the tower and let her do her job. Once defended, support her with the Hog Rider. Wait until your Rage Spell becomes available. Dealing with any building cards while performing this combo is easy. Your summoned skeletons will tank and knock it down easily with the help of your Rage Spell. Usually, a tower will be wrecked after this attack. Use the Fireball in eliminating a horde of Barbarians as much as possible. This will not let them reach your tower to deliver a good amount of damage. Your Minion Horde will serve as your support anytime. Drop it to instantly kill beefy tanks. When dealing against a Minion Horde, you can use the Zap Spell to quickly annihilate them.  Continue the combo throughout the first two minutes of the game, and make a massive push once the 60-second mark started to ensure victory. This deck can also push for a 3-crown victory.

Deck Weakness:

The only flaw that this deck might have is dropping unnecessary cards in every push that you will be doing. You must only drop the Rage Spell if there is a huge chance to wreck a tower. The Hog Rider must have enough HP to tank anything ahead. By this, you can assure to wreck a tower with your squad along the way. Analyze first the opponent's deck before making your push to successfully accomplish your mission.

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Clash Royale - Best Rage Spell Deck & Attack Strategy for Arena 4, 5, 6, 7 with Epic Witch Combo!

Source: Ash - Clash of Clans & Clash Royale

Learning to utilize a lot of decks gives advantage to a player. Exploring other fun set of cards will broaden our knowledge and will make us a better player in the future.  Special thanks to Ash for sharing this deck!