Use the Barbarians as your main offense and defense in this deck that aims to push you from Arena 4 - 7!


Barbs are usually the staple card on any Arena 3 and above decks. Due to their strong stopping power to any incoming push, they can also do a counter push right away!

Since we love giving the most updated and the best tips to our readers, we'll share this Barb Bunch Deck that was just posted yesterday (Apr 21) on Reddit. For sure there's no counter for this deck yet. If there is, just pull out your Barbs to end the story. The deck is from a Redditor named dallinj that helped him push through Arena 4 to the Royal Arena!


With the Valk for pushing and clearing your Hog Rider's path and supported by Archers, she can definitely cut down any defense troop her way. Once the path has been cleared, let out your Hog Rider for a massive Tower demolition job! This is surely an offense deck!

This deck is also equipped with an Inferno Tower to take care of any trespassers while you're too busy pushing.

Barb Bunch Deck:

Fireball Inferno Tower Arrows Valkyrie
fireball.png inferno_tower.png arrows.png valkyrie.png
Hog Rider Barbarians Goblins Archers
hog_rider.png barbarians.png goblins.png archers.png

Card Roles:

Archers: Your main anti-air troop unit to bring down any sky trespassers. She can also be your support in pushing.

Arrows: The spell against Skeleton Armies, Minion Hordes, and other low HP troops. Can also help you bring down an aerial troop.

Barbarians: The push stopper. They will be like a wall to any of your enemy's pushes.

Fireball: This spell is for extinguishing group troops like Barbs. It can also destroy Huts and towers!

Goblins: Use them for a cheap counter against tower locking troops.

Hog Rider: Because of their speed and strength, they can destroy Crown Towers in a flash if left alone.

Inferno Tower: With their capability to lure, this can be a great defense and counter against incoming enemy troops to save your tower.

Valkyrie: Her ax swinging can destroy any troop or swarms within her reach! She'll be a great front support for your Hog Rider!

Battle Strategy:

At the start of the game wait until you've reached max elixir. Once it is already full, put down your Valk at one of your Crown Towers. Wait until she reached the bridge before you put down your Hog Rider. Just in case your opponent is already trying to push or just deploying a hut, put the Inferno Tower in the middle of your base. This will provide a lure mechanism. Your crown tower archer will help too!

On the 2-minute mark, this is when your enemy will try to push or counter your push. You can use your Arrows to counter Skeleton Armies against your Valk + Hog Rider, or Fireball + Archers against his Baby Dragon. This is also the perfect time to release your Barbs to wreak havoc to any of his troops! If ever your Barbs survived with a decent amount of HP, you can try putting down your Hog Rider to go straight to his tower since the Barbs will cover him.

The 60-second crunch is where it gets crazy. Always put down the Inferno Tower to provide lure and defense for your base. Continue pushing with your Valk + Hog Rider and counter with your Barbs. You can add your Archers for an additional push support. Once you've noticed the time is slowly dwindling to zero, now is the time to end it. Cast your Fireball towards that low HP tower to win the game!


Since I tried using the deck before sharing it to you, it looks like it's having a difficult time countering aerial troops. The only defense against them is the Inferno Tower and your Archers. What I did was I wait until they're locked on to the Inferno Tower then drop my Archers to bring them down. Arrows and Fireball can be used to take them out too,

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If you are already on Arena 3 and above, do you own a deck without them? Why don't you share it with us too! [Deck The Barb Bunch Special (Arena 4+) • /r/ClashRoyale] - Archers^3 - Goblins^2 - Barbarians^5 - Hog Rider/Prince^4/5 - Valkyrie^4 - Inferno Tower/Cannon^5/3 -...

Hats off to dallinj for sharing this on Reddit. Cheers mate!


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