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Still stuck on that dreaded Barbarian Bowl for weeks now huh? Let us help you move on!

So you're losing trophies more than earning them huh? Or probably on a lucky day, winning them all back? And then it hit you - you're just stuck. Help! I hate that feeling. You're not the only one there matey! But we're here to the rescue! Let us give you hope on conquering this third Arena, the Barbarian Bowl.

Play With Your Deck

If you feel like your deck is not working out, try another deck. When I say try, try it for a couple of battles before you X it out. Probably you have to change a card or two. Change the elixir count. Depends on you, if you're stuck, for sure you're doing something wrong there buddy.

A Clash Royale Arena 3 Deck to Reach Arena 4 Quickly!


Push, push and more pushing! This risky deck is all offense and little defense! If you're itching to go and push for trophies to reach [ Arena 4] (and up to Arena 5)quickly, then this deck might be for you!

This is a good article from Karlsanada13. He will walk you through on making that deck from loser to winner!

Clash Royale Prince + Barbarian Strategy For Arena 3 & Above


Chief! We compiled some of the most handy deck using Barbarians and Prince! Let’s check ‘em all out!

A Prince and Barbarian Deck! Whew what a powerful team! Try it out!

Arena 3 Giant Deck Strategy


The Giant is a formidable defense and offense particularly in Arena 3. Learn how to use the Giant Deck strategy here.

This tanker is awesome! Do you already have him in your deck? If not, think again. This might be your answer to your prayers!



Watch and learn from the pros! You probably noticed that TV button on the lower right side of your screen whenever you play Clash Royale. No, it's not just there for entertainment. It's there for you to learn from it too! After that little visual interaction check your own battle recording. What did you do wrong? Do you need to change your strategy? Do you need to wait for your opponent to deploy first?

Clash Royale - Best Arena 3 and Arena 4 Decks and Strategy! Top Decks for Arena 3 & 4 and higher!

There are a bunch of YouTube videos that you can learn from too! The good thing about these videos is that the players explain the cards, elixir count, etc so you'll understand better than watching a raw clip from the TV on your Clash Royale. GAMINGwithMOLT is my personal favorite. Ash and Galadon make good videos too!

Clash Royale ♦ 1 MILLION GEMS! ♦ 300+ Super Magical Chest Opening! ♦

No wonder they're at the top of the list world wide. A looot of money there.

Yep, worse come to worst you have to spend that hard earned moolah to your new fave addicting game. From your $0.99, a fistful of gems (80) to your $99.99, a mountain of gems (14,000)! Ka-ching! And buy you that Super Magical Chest with a ton of epics and rares! For sure you'll upgrade a lot of cards with that man!

You can unlock your chests faster too! You get your chest, they get your money!

When to get these Clash Royale Chests


Wondering what you'll get with those Chests and How much?


So do you think you can do it now? A little patience, deck creativity, and research can go a long way. Let us hear from you what happened!

The higher the trophies, the better cards you receive. The better the cards, the faster you can reach Clash Royale's Arena 3 to 7! Here are some tips, Chief!


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2016-08-09-12-41-11-NjYGbT7.gif Cards not yet available on your Arena? Click the image below to direct you to our list of Clash Royale Arenas!


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