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sywy's deck revolves around the Golem's strength with supporting units such as the Ice Wizard, Mega Minion, and Minions!

SebTheFish Cheap Battle Ram Deck for Arena 6:

Golem Ice Wizard Mega Minion Minions Tombstone Zap Lightning Skeleton Army
golem.png ice_wizard.png 2016-12-09-03-31-33-mega-minion.png minions.png tombstone.png zap.png lightning.png skeleton_army.png

Card Roles:

  • Golem: The main tank of this deck. Can deal massive damage even if left alone. The explosion damage after it splits up into Golemites can be devastating to even high level Skeleton Armies and even Minion Hordes.
  • Mega Minion: A very popular and powerful card when used correctly. Has relatively low HP, so use it when other troops are distracted by your Golem.
  • Minions: Good support troop that can be used to take out Valkyries when left alone, and other troops that are distracted.
  • Tombstone: For just 3 elixir, this is an amazing card with lots of defensive power. Can be put near the bridge in the middle to distract Balloons and Giant Skeletons. Place right in front of arena tower to counter Hog Rider and Prince.
  • Lightning: No deck is complete without a high damage spell! Use this against Three Musketeers ( make sure not to target an arena tower as 1 Musketeer will remain). I use this instead of a Rocket because of the Rocket's small radius and inaccuracy.

sywy Golem beatdown for Arena 6 and Above Strategy:

Offense: Since this is an aggressive offensive deck, you'll want to start with the Golem behind your King tower. If you don't start with Golem, try and cycle your cards until you get Golem (don't use Ice Wizard or Mega Minion in the worst case that the Golem is the last card in the rotation).

If you start with Mega Minion or Ice Wizard and the Golem is your next card, drop either one behind the king tower(I prefer Ice Wizard because splash dmg.) If the opponent play a Wizard, Musketeer, or Witch (Or some combination of such cards) Lightning spell them. Make sure you get good value from your Lightning spell. Don't Lightning JUST one of them, because you'll be behind 1-2 elixir. Nothing is more satisfying than putting down a Lightning spell right before they play an Electro Wizard or something similar.

In the worst case where you have no support troops for the Golem, sending it alone isn't the worst thing ever, unless they play an Inferno Tower or Inferno Dragon (more on that later).

For this deck, I recommend pushing 2 crowns as opposed to 3. However, if your push against the first tower is successful, and you get the king tower with less HP than the other arena tower, yay! Push for the 3 crown then. Keep in mind though that pushing for the 3 crown gives your opponent more room near the center to deploy his troops.

Defense: If the opponent plays Hog Rider with Fire Spirits, Zap the spirits and then play a Tombstone right in front of your tower. Putting it in front of the tower eliminates the need for the Skeletons to chase the Hog Rider if you put it somewhere else. If you don't start off with Tombstone, use a Skeleton Army instead. If you don't have either, the best thing to do is play the Minions, or if you don't have those either, your last resort is the Ice Wizard. If they use a Prince or Knight, the Tombstone can be used as well.

Keep in mind that the Tombstone won't work against the LumberJack due to his high attack speed.

Deck is Best Against:

This deck works on Giant Skeleton decks, because the Giant Skeleton follows the Golem, and you can use the support troops to take him out. Be wary of the bomb he drops when he dies. I've also found that this works against Bowler decks due to the good mix of air troops along with the fact that Golems can't be pushed back by the Bowler.

Deck Weakness:

Elite Barbarians can be annoying to deal with in this deck. If they place it with a Valkyrie, using a Lightning would be your best bet. Then you can finish it up with Minions. Unfortunately you will have to sacrifice some tower damage.

When people use Hog Rider + Balloon, something less common, it can be annoying. I still use Tombstone against the Hog Rider, but you have to place the Minions or Mega minion strategically, to the point where it won't target the Hog Rider instead of the Balloon.

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Special thanks to sywy from Darkwolf PvP clan for sharing this deck!

Last modified: 20,03,2017


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