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dark Furnace-Ram-Clone Deck for Arena 7

A deck that has two buildings and relies on the Battle Ram and Clone as win conditions. A very unsuspecting deck that can win trophies
Approved by: Originally Published by: on June 23, 2017.
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A fresh new deck from dark that has two buildings including the Tesla. This deck relies on the Battle Ram + Musketeer + Wizard and Clone as win conditions. This is a totally new deck that seems to work fine with the user.

Deck Name:

  • Furnace-Ram-Clone


  • Arena 7

This deck is submitted by:

  • dark
  • Clan Name - Marietta
  • Twitter Account - None

Clash Royale Cards:

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  • Giant - Heavy used for offense or defense)
  • Minions - Minor support and defense against heavy troops such as Inferno Dragon to help Tesla.
  • Furnace - Used to help Ram and Giant push against large numbers like the Skeleton Army.
  • Battle Ram - Main push troop, used alongside Wizard, Musketeer, or Furnace
  • Clone - Used with any push to double its effectiveness, especially helpful for battering ram as it will also spawn 2 extra Barbarians
  • Wizard - Offense/Defense, can make a push with Giant and Ram, especially useful with Clone

Deck Strategy:

  • It's a fairly equally balanced deck, with the Tesla acting as a constant defense and other cards such as Furnace and Giant acting as defense AND offense.
  • The Battering Ram is your main means of attack; one battering ram plus a Wizard and a Musketeer are dangerous to any crown tower, especially when you throw a Clone in.
  • Your best idea is to put a Furnace down as soon as you can, and you'll want full elixir whenever you try to push.
  • If your opponent attacks first, you can use Minions, Tesla, and/or a Giant to defend. Afterwards, push as hard as you can.
  • When double elixir hits, you can go all out with the Battle Ram, Giant, and Wiz/Musketeer, eventually cloning your troops for double damage output. It's a hard hitter and hefty defender.

This Deck is Good Against:

  • Good against attack-focused or defense-focused decks. Attackers will be met with a meaty giant supported by your Furnace, Tesla and a power troop (Wiz/Musketeer), and defenders won't be able to use cards like Skeleton Army or Minion Hordes thanks to your wizard or furnace.

This Deck is Bad Against:

  • Unfortunately, this deck has one major weakness: building decks. Since the battering ram targets buildings, if your enemy deploys an Inferno tower and it streaks to it you might be out of luck. The deck can counter large numbers and heavy hitters, but buildings will make it crumble.

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