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Quick Cycle Mortar Deck for Arena 10
This deck has three strategies in one and can still give you a quick cycle.
Approved by: Originally Published by: on September 8, 2017.
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Deck Overview & Proof of Working

Go for a quick and easy push with three available strategies that you can use with this deck. You can either go for a Mortar + Princess, Knight + Goblin Barrel, or just place a naked Royal Giant. Your plays definitely depends on what cards your opponent has but you'll definitely have more choices to make your push.

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UserDeck Breakdown

  • Deck Name: Quick Cycle Mortar Deck
  • Working in: Arena 6 (this deck was initally put in Arena 6, but we changed it due to the Princess card)
  • Submitted by: Maarten
  • Clan Name: bier clan / Clash Royale Name: Maarten

Proof of Working:

Have been playing this deck since lvl 8. It's a quick cycle deck (3.3) Giving me constant results even against newly introduced units like the Night Witch and the Cannon Cart. Good defence / counter options. Almost never losing 3 towers. And never met anyone else using this deck.

Clash Royale Cards:

Quick Cycle Mortar Deck by ‘’’Maarten’’’. Submit your User Decks here!
  • Mortar – both as defense and to be deployed at the river for instant damage to towers
  • Electro Wizard – drops with a punch, zaps major threats and slows down big units
  • Skeletons - slows down anything from Pekkas to Miners
  • Royal Giant – place on opponent's side after 1 tower is taken down
  • Goblin Barrel - for counter pushes, but especially strong when you have opponent tower already targeting the RG or Knight
  • Princess - either for defense, support for the RG or to take down the tower's final HP.

Deck Strategy:


Multiple options:

  • 1. Place Mortar at the river, use Princess for defense and let the Mortar deal some damage.
  • 2. Place Knight at the bridge, throw the Goblin Barrel, then deploy the Princess behind (just watch out for that Log)
  • 3. Royal Giant. Don't need to say more.
  • During double elixir time, try to get 1 tower down before or at the start of double elixir time, then place RG in the middle of the opponent's side then throw a Goblin barrel.


  • Apart from RG, all units are useful and because of the quick cycle (3.3) you can use multiple units for defense & directly start counterpushing.

This Deck is Good Against:

Any. Needs some practice against Lavaloon, Golem or Night Witch decks as you'll need to place multiple units in the right combinations for good defense & counter results.

This Deck is Bad Against:

Hog Rider is proving difficult when used in combination with air units. Hog rider itself is easy to defend though, but will almost always make 1 hit.

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  • Misleading. This deck is probably one of the worst to use, and gets destroyed by Wizard + Pekka. -- 15:54, 18 February 2018 (UTC)