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Pekkan Witch Deck for Arena 9
This deck has the P.E.K.K.A - Witch push that can put your opponent in a lot of pressure. Add the Hog Rider to seal the deal.
Approved by: Originally Published by: on August 25, 2017.
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Deck Overview & Proof of Working

A new P.E.K.K.A meta is coming and she is paired with the Witch to deal massive damage. With this deck you can also sneak in with a Hog Rider for the finishing move. It also has Fire Spirits, Zap and other anti-counter units to make sure you finish the game smoothly.

UserDeck Breakdown

  • Deck Name: Pekkan Witch
  • Working in: Arena 9
  • Submitted by: Smurf
  • Clan Name: BP Royal / Clash Royale Name: Smurf

Proof of Working:

I have 250 wins and I'm in arena 9. I win almost all matches. Most people have 1000 wins by arena 9 so I win almost every battle.

Additional quotes from the user:

  • The Pekka is an underused and underrated card and is kind of unpredictable, and a great counter against Golem, Giant, Ebarbs, Royal Giant, you name it bro. Put the Witch behind the Pekka and its gg because its only weakness is buildings, but the Pekka will 1 hit any building and has tons of health so crown towers don't make a dent. **The big weakness is the Inferno Tower but the Witches' Skeletons will tank for the Pekka and you have Zap to reset and Fireball too.
  • Also, Ice Wizard is ultimate defense and Witch too, and Zap as a utility spell, and Fireball for positive elixir trades.
    • One annoying thing is Log+Executioner because they will kill the Witch and slow down the Pekka big time and the Executioner will get huge damage on the Pekka.
  • Also, the Hog Rider can be used to clinch towers if you need a boost and a dangerous threat or if you don't have enough elixir for a Pekka push.
    • Lastly, it can be used if they manage to shut down your Pekka; paired with Fire Spirits and Zap, it is completely viable as a second attack strat.</blockquote>

Clash Royale Cards:

Pekkan Witch Deck by ‘’’Smurf’’’. Submit your User Decks here!
  • Witch – support defense, PUT BEHIND PEKKA
  • Hog Rider - secondary offense, Inferno Tower killer
  • Zap - utility spell, you know what to do
  • Ice Wizard - ultimate defense, and now it can 1 shot skeletons and slow down the tower and Inferno Tower or even an enemy Pekka
  • Minion Horde – defense, support, destroys Lava-Loon if places early enough
  • Fireball - positive elixir trade like a Witch and a Wizard supporting a Giant, Fireball Witch+Wizard and Pekka on Giant=GG, and can damage enemy tower for emergency win and for a large push, can be used for inferno tower

Deck Strategy:


Beginning of the Game:

  • place the Witch right next to the tower. Right when your Witch reaches the bridge, you will have just enough elixirs to place a Pekka right in front of it, surprising your enemy. I don't like pushing from the back because it gives your opponent way too much time to react to your push and figure out what to do with it. and once your Pekka's dead, there's not much to your push.
  • if you have your Pekka, Witch, and Ice Wizard down, feel free to be crazy. Place the Hog down because he will wreck any buildings the enemy might place, or if the Pekka gets distracted.
  • if you don't have the Pekka and/or Witch in your starting hand, Hog Rider+Fire Spirits are an excellent combo to test the waters, and hey, it can even take out half the tower's HP if he doesn't do anything about it. This situation opens up a 2nd viable option to win the game.

Middle of the Game:

  • You should be trying to get your Pekka Witch combo on the field. If you can't continue with the Hog
  • If you're stuck in a stalemate in mid late game, Fireball the crap out of his tower and keep playing surprise Hog on him to try to get some chip damage if he ain't having your Pekka.
  • While I always recommend having a Witch behind the Pekka, it sometimes might be ok to play a naked Pekka and a zap on hand and fire spirits in the backfield if you feel he is having trouble dealing with your Hog.
  • One neat thing is the Pekka can literally almost one shot everything (although Tombstone will be a pain for a naked Pekka]]. I highly recommend the Witch behind the Pekka or expect it to be killed.


  • If you're in overtime just keep slamming that Pekka down his throat because they are tough to deal with that kind of deck. It will also distract his rocket too because he will need to use that on your Pekka because chances are he doesn't have very good damaging units.


  • Fire spirits are also awesome for Barbarians, Battle Ram, Goblin Gang, Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, you name it. It can also deal significant damage to support units and units like Ice Wizard and Electro Wizard. very useful card, extremely underused.
  • You shouldn't have too much trouble on defense with the Ice Wiz and Pekka and Witch, not to mention universal cards like the Zap and Fire Spirits and whatever else.

This Deck is Good Against:

Pretty much any deck, it either seems to crush or on a rare occasion you might get a string of bad luck and get super control or siege decks. However, that also depends on WHAT siege or control deck they are using. Some do better than others.

For example, the Golem is weak against fast decks but the Pekka isn't even fazed. TIP: LIKE SOME BEATDOWN DECKS, YOU CAN SACRIFICE TOWER DAMAGE IF YOU HAVE YOUR PEKKA AND WITCH ON HIS LANE AND HE HAS A PUSH ON YOUR LANE. If you decide to play a game of who can rush the tower first, and neither of you will defend, the Pekka will $10 destroy the tower faster than anything else, the Pekka WILL win.

Also while everything is shooting at the Pekka, the Witch is spawning a crap ton of Larrys and Gerrys. I have won many battles like this trust me. the only exception is Elite Barbarians. Elite Barbarians are the only thing that destroys a tower faster than a Pekka. Not only is this deck dangerous, it can also be extremely lethal if the Pekka reaches the Tower. Sometimes it's not all about annihilating him with your Pekka; but just one hit of the Pekka on his tower is a win. Also while your attacking him, he's not attacking you because the Pekka poses extreme pressure.

This Deck is Bad Against:

It's not really countered easily or specifically by thing but it really depends on how you play and how your opponents play. It's hard to find out what type of deck this is, but Inferno Tower, decks with numerous buildings, decks with the Ice or Electro Wizards are extremely annoying.

Also, pro tip; a Wizard, or a Bomber sitting beside a tower while a Pekka is walking up will actually take out half to around 2/3 of a Pekka's health. Take them out first, maybe with a Fireball (but that will be an elixir disadvantage against the Bomber)

I do NOT recommend playing the Pekka and Witch when there is an Inferno Tower on the opposite lane. The Skeletons will not spawn enough to tank for the Pekka (I think) and the Inferno Tower will kill or halfway kill (if you zap stun it) the Pekka, leaving your Witch to be finished off. I guess you could say this is similar to the Giant Witch deck, but the Pekka does massive damage, one shots everything and can be used for defense too. Siege is extremely annoying to go against and all I can say is to figure out how to counter certain decks is to play it and figure out for yourself. explore, be creative!

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  • Can I use the electro wiz instead of ice wiz? -- 18:51, 29 August 2017 (UTC)
    • No the Elec Wiz is needed to shot down Inferno Ts and Ds of the enemy.
  • Can I use the electro wiz instead of ice wiz? -- 18:51, 29 August 2017 (UTC)
  • i'm trying this on my second account (android simulator on macbook air, does lag here and then). i embraced it at 1900crowns and i'm at 2100 without losing one game so it does work well! i'll see with time by leveling up my cards and getting ever more feeling with the deck but it looks pretty fire though (on my first account i never really used nor pekka or hog decks so i gotta get used to them). -- 13:28, 29 August 2017 (UTC)