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Magic Gravy Cart Deck for Challenges and Tournaments
An easy beatdown that includes the newest epic in the game, the Cannon Cart.
Approved by: Originally Published by: on August 2, 2017.
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Deck Overview & Proof of Working

If you're into beatdowns and entering tournaments and challenges, this deck is fairly easy to use. You just need to put down a Giant, add support and then finish the tower with the Graveyard.

UserDeck Breakdown

  • Deck Name: Magic Gravy Cart
  • Working in: Arena 10 / Challenges and Tournaments
  • Submitted by: TacoChild
  • Clan Name: Apokolypse / Clash Royale Name: TacoChild

Proof of Working:

This deck stars in challenges due to even card levels. I was able to get multiple 12 wins in classic tourneys.

Clash Royale Cards:

Magic Gravy Cart by ‘’’TacoChild’’’. Submit your User Decks here!
  • Night Witch – Night Witch is a very good card that can be used on offense or defense. Its ability to survive a Fireball makes it somewhat of a tanky card for 4 elixirs. You can use it with any other card in this deck to counter the Elite Barbs. Because of the Bat Buildup, you can use it to defend against a massive tank (like against the Royal Giant) But I prefer to use the Night Witch on offense unless it would make a good counter to a card.
  • Wizard – The Witch is one of the best support cards in this game, but I prefer to use it on defense. The Wizard can take out so many units fast and efficiently. Also, he can counter Graveyard quite well. If you want to use the Wizard on offense, do it on Double Elixir Time due to his somewhat expensive cost. So I suggest defense when it comes to the Wizard. Use him wisely.
  • Dart Goblin – The Dart Goblin is one of the most amazing chip damage cards in this game. It can get 2 hits on a tower when it has only a little of health left. The Dart Goblin can be played to snipe at buildings from the river, or right behind the giant as a support card. Just a tip, don't play the Dart Goblin behind the Giant if you want to support it. When the defensive troops lock onto your Giant, play your Dart Goblin closer in the middle but just so it can snipe those units. If it can't, let your Giant get a little closer, then put the Dart Goblin to work behind it. Its frail HP can make it easy if a Wizard or splash card like Executioner is defending your Giant. The Dart Goblin works well though when a Tombstone is placed to defend your push. He can probably snipe it from the bridge. Last thing about the Goblin, cause this is long, you can play him at the front at any random point in the game where there are no cards on the field. If you surprise your opponent, you will be getting some nice chip work on the tower.
  • Giant - Giant is the main win condition with Graveyard in this deck. But it can also be used on defense. Before double elixir time, you should try small pushes with the Giant, like a push with support from the Dart Goblin and Zap. But you can also use the Giant if the opponent has a very big push or just Elite Barbs or something. You can place the Giant next to your arena tower when they cross the bridge. It will soak up the damage while you can defend with a smaller unit. This sets you up for a counter push.
  • Zap – Not much to say here. Zap is good for taking out swarms of cards, especially when they are defending Graveyard. But if you know your opponent has a Sparky, save it for that. You can substitute arrows for this if you want.
  • Cannon Cart – The star of this deck, I hate that most decks have you use the Cannon Cart defensively, but there is good reason to add offense. The Cannon Cart can wipe out many cards on defense when paired with anything. It is really good to counter Graveyard, tanks, support cards, a lot. But on offense this is different. If you plan to support your Giant in a push, do it in Double Elixir time. However, if you want to support the cart, that is different. Night Witch, Cannon Cart, and Zap are a good combo. In double elixir time, all it MIGHT take is a Cannon Cart + Witch + Graveyard push. All in all, the Cannon Cart is a very versatile card that can be used almost anywhere.
  • Graveyard - We all knew this was coming, I called it gravy. The Graveyard is a very good card on both offense and defense, especially if a Pekka or a Sparky, or any melee unit with somewhat not ranged support is coming. You can play a Graveyard just in front of your tower to buy you some time to defend. You can use this if there are 10 seconds left and you need to guard. On offense just play it, make sure to wait until the tower is locked onto a tank then play it.
  • Ice Spirit - This little dude works perfectly in any situation. It is great when paired up with any other card on defense. If you support a card with it and they drop minions to defend, let's hope the Ice Spirit gets on them because then you can Zap. He is great to be behind any push and if you are low on elixir and there is a musketeer. Right before she shoots, place this little guy to avoid SOME damage. You can also use this card to get the perfect rotation in hand by cycling, and you might get off 95 damage to the tower also.

Deck Strategy:


  • Offense is where this deck stars.
  • You can form a push out of EVERY SINGLE hand you get. If you have a bad hand, cycle Ice Spirit or Dart Goblin at the bridge.
  • You can't have something bad to start after that. Any support with Cannon Cart is good, as well as Witches behind Giants, or any Witch Graveyard. Cannon Cart Graveyard, and Giant Graveyard.


  • Well defensive combos is something that can shut down many cards.
  • If there is a tank splash attack coming down. Use the Ice Spirit, Cannon Cart, and Dart Goblin to take them down.
  • Use the Ice Spirit to freeze their push from behind, then use the other two next to the tower, the Cannon Cart more forward so it can absorb the tank.
  • Witch and Ice spirit also work to take out many cards. When defending, never place a unit other than the ice spirit on the front of your half.

Beginning of the game:

  • Try to get a good starting hand, by which I mean a support card and maybe a tank. If you can at ten elixirs, start off with a Giant in the back, this way it cant be Fireballed, rocketed, lightninged, etc.
  • Then past the tower try to add a suport unit, anything works.
  • If you are adventurous. Take a chance and play a graveyard with no support. Test the waters to see what their counters are and try to plan your push accordingly.
  • If they start on offense, cannon cart of one of the witches is great because it can set you up for a counter push.

Middle of the game:

  • So it's been a minute, and you want to play a big push, wait for double elixir, we'll get there. In the middle of the game, a nice strategy I like to use is defense.
  • It seems broad, and it is. Just keep trying to make positive trades, and defending when you can. When you make a huge positive elixir trade (ahem OJ) counter push HARD, but only if you know they are low on elixirs.
  • If you don't want to counter push, buy your time, wait, defend and send a lone dart goblin every once in a while to chip on their tower. Just stall until double elixir, if you want to make small pushes or strong counterpushes.

Double elixir:

  • OH YES, WE ARE FINALLY HERE! This is when your deck shines. Double elixir is when you want to make big pushes.
  • Wait till your at ten elixirs and try a giant in the back. Back it up with either a night witch or wizard. Then start the graveyard.
  • After that, save up on elixirs to defend your opponents' counter push. Any synergy works in this deck. So yeaj, that is double elixir, what a put down.
  • Just use a tank and a support card, and gravy, how hard is that?

This Deck is Good Against:

This deck is good at dealing with many, let's look at 3:
  • Lavaloon decks - Lavaloon is easy to take care of. Have a unit on the field such as a Wizard. Use Cannon Cart to deal with ground support, and Ice Spirit + Dart Goblin to deal with the balloon from behind. This will shut down the balloon, and the Lava Hound will do little damage.
  • Beatdown - Golem can be killed with Cannon Cart taking the support troops, and Wizard or Night Witch taking the Golem. The Cannon Cart can be placed forward so I can look onto the support card and not the Golem. You will take little damage, but then have a great counter push. Support cards to defend the golem can be placed behind the arena tower so that they don't get hit. When you see a Golem in the back, try to rush the other lane as hard as you can. Or set up for a big push on the opposite lane.
  • Hog Rider Cycle - So this is a bit a harder to deal with, but this deck does great. Ice spirit can freeze the hog enough so that you can use a support card like witch or wizard to get the hog rider down to one hit. Although this is not a positive elixir trade, you will be setting yourself up for a great counterpush.

This Deck is Bad Against:

This has quite a few weaknesses that can be dealt with.

  • One of them is the Graveyard Poison. All your Graveyard Counters will succumb to Poison. Your best option for this is use a Dart Goblin behind your king tower. He can snipe the Graveyard from there due to his big range. Or you can wait till the poison is out then use a support unit like Witch or Wizard.
  • Zap Bait - Since there is only one spell in this deck, it makes it a bit hard to defend Zap bait decks. Use Wizard in the back if you know what is coming. Wait for him to drop cards before continuing. Ice spirit is great on Zap bait decks, as well as the Dart Goblin because they are cheap, and could counter swarm cards. But be ready for quick attacks. If you're low on elixirs, they will destroy your tower.
  • Three Musketeer decks - the biggest downside to this deck is that it has no direct damage. Three Musketeers will prove to be a big problem unless you have the perfect counters. The Dart Goblin and Ice Spirit can take out a lone musketeer. With something infront, use cannon cart with it. The other two, they can be countered with Wizard and any unit tanking the musketeers, even for just a second. Enough to get the Wizard to land one hit. That is the procedure to take out the three muskees.

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  • any chance a decetly leveled witch (lv.6) is a good alternative to a lv.7 wizard? -- 08:29, 16 April 2018 (UTC)
  • Giant Goblin -- 00:58, 2 March 2018 (UTC)