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Lava Hound Ice Wizard Deck for Pushing Trophies in Arena 7
A deck with legendaries that support each other. Slow down with the Ice Wizard while you push with the Lava Hound.
Approved by: Originally Published by: on July 21, 2017.
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Deck Overview & Proof of Working

Can the Elite Barbarians and Ice Wizard do their best to make sure the Lava Hound reach the tower? Will a couple of Logs and Minions finally take care of the most popular counters. Let's check out how Clash Royale Player 'Lucky Shamrock' does it with this Lava Hound Ice Wizard deck!

UserDeck Breakdown

  • Deck Name: 3 Legendary Deck for Arena 7 / Lava Hound Ice Wizard Deck
  • Working in: Arena 7
  • Submitted by: The Lucky Shamrock
  • Clan Name: The Coolest / Clash Royale Name: Lucky Shamrock

Proof of Working:

160 trophies without losing, after I lost once I gained another 100, it helped me come out of my losing streak.

Clash Royale Cards:

Lava Hound Ice Wizard Deck by ‘’’Lucky Shamrock’’’. Submit your User Decks here!
  • Ice Wizard – Supports the Lava Hound and slows troops that will counter the Hound, Also useful against Minion Hordes and Low HP Troops.
  • Tombstone – Useful against tanks and the prince and hog rider
  • Minions - Low-elixir card and does the job it can do. Pair it with Tombstone for a good counter.
  • Elite Barbarians – Good against tanks and a fast high damage card. Level this card up and it will be very powerful.
  • Arrows – Good against the Minion Horde.
  • Fireball - Good against medium health troops, pair it with Log to finish of the push
  • Log - Pushes cards and very cheap.

Deck Strategy:


  • Put Lava hound at the bridge, followed by Ice wizard and another card to take out the likes of Witch or Wizard. You have arrows to counter a minion horde.
  • If possible, follow with the Elite Barbarians to push the tower.
  • Add your Elite Barbs in the push most of the time during double elixir time.

Defense: =

  • I always put down Tombstone to attract cards in defence and Minions above Tombstone.
  • If I can, I will put Ice Wizard down to slow cards down.
  • Elite barbs are like leveled-up Mini Pekkas so they can take out high health troops like Golem without being obliterated by the splash.

This Deck is Good Against:

It is good against Tammy decks because the Tombstone attracts, the Ice Wizard slows down slow cards even more and the Fireball and Log can take out tank support cards.

This Deck is Bad Against:

If you are facing the few counter decks try not to push stronger while they take towers. Try taking a tower early on and defend as much as you can. I have not seen many counter decks yet, But this is a very delicate deck. If you misplace one card you may be in trouble. For example, the Tombstone does not attract a Golem.

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