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JMFigo Trifecta Ver 2 for Arena 7

Customize the ever-popular Trifecta Deck with this one and push your trophies up the ladder to reach higher arenas!
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on May 24, 2017.
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If you are thinking that the Trifecta is dead, think again. With this set of cards, JMFigo resurrected the Trifecta with a bunch of new cards to make it even stronger.

Deck Name:

  • Trifecta 2.0


  • Arena 7

This deck is submitted by:

  • JMFigo
  • Clan Name - jomblo sabeb

Clash Royale Cards:

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  • Hog Rider - Mainly used to push towers. Best with the Valkyrie and/or the Battle Ram.
  • Valkyrie - Usually paired with the Hog, Ram or Musketeer.
  • Musketeer - The Musketeer is in charge of dealing with air troops. Can also be paired with the Valkyrie, too.
  • Battle Ram - Good for pushing with the Hog Rider. Could also be paired with Valkyrie in case your Zap is not available.
  • Skeleton Army - To shred down tanks like the PEKKA, Giant, Royal Giant, etc.
  • Furnace - A good distraction to your enemy. It also helps to counter the Minion Horde and a bunch of Skeletons.
  • Rage - Add a little spice with this spell to gain extra smashes towards your target.
  • Zap - This spell is used to defeat ground swarmers like the Skeleton Army while pushing with the Hog and Ram. Can also defeat or weaken Minions.

Deck Strategy:

Use either the Hog-Valk, Hog-Ram, Valk-Ram, Valk-Musk combo. Also, you can just put the Furnace first for distraction. In some situations (Valkyrie and Fire Spirits from the Furnace are not available), you will need to prepare your Zap. This is applicable if the enemy tries to counter your move with a Minion Horde or Skeleton Army. Counter the Baby Dragon or Inferno Dragon with the Musketeer. Cast the Rage Spell if it is available during your push. Remember not to use this spell during defense. It will only be a waste of elixir.

If the enemy tries to make a slow push, pressure them by pushing the opposite lane. This will force them to counter it first before supporting their slow push attack. If the enemy uses a ground unit(e.g Giant, PEKKA), use the Skeleton Army to nullify their potential push afterward.

This Deck is Good Against:

  • Aerial and Slow Push (Tank) Decks

This Deck is Bad Against:

  • Decks that have a lot of buildings and spells. Try to bait them out so you can safely push.

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