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IGnutz GoNiWi Beatdown Deck for Arena 10

IGnutz will teach us the perfect spacing on how this deck will work. An OP Golem and Night Witch plus Tornado with Executioner for this meta.
Approved by: Originally Published by: on July 6, 2017.
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IGnutz gives a thorough explanation on how this deck works. He will also teach us how to effectively place the units with good spacing. This is to avoid typical Night Witch counters such as the Executioner.

Deck Name:

  • GoNiWi Beatdown


  • Arena 10

This deck is submitted by:

  • IGnutz
  • Clan Name - The Goodfellas
  • Twitter Account - @awi1204

Clash Royale Cards:

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  • Golem - Main win condition. I tried with the Giant but it cannot tank as well as the Golem. Also the Golem can work as a defense card during end-game or when there are Elite Barbarians.
  • Night Witch - Secondary win condition. Properly place it behind the Golem for Support. She and her bats serve as defense in crisis mode.
  • The Log - multi purpose card, ground support for golem against skellies/skelli army/all goblins/to finish off troops if using lightning
  • Executioner - main purpose is defense against opponent pushes, in some cases if I am not in an ideal cycle, I will use to support golem but need to use NW if available as executioner needs to be saved for defense
  • Baby Dragon - defense and support to the Golem. Of course this is depending on the cycle
  • Tornado - defense, try to cycle correctly so you will drop Executioner first then drop tornado to hurd the push and execute the push easily
  • Lightning - late game finisher, this will support your Golem if your opponent has Inferno Tower.
  • Elixir Collector - massively important to put the collector down as soon as possible to gain elixir advantage since the deck's averages 4.8

Deck Strategy:

You need to get the Elixir Collector down if you start out with it in your first 4 cards. With that being said, I typically wait until the elixir bar fills to 9 or full before placing down and ideally the Baby Dragon or Executioner will be available for defense. Tornado can serve as a temporary defense as well but more than likely you will take some damage. It's important to point out you will take damage. If you can't stomach some damage, then this deck may not be for you.

If you don't have the Elixir Collector in the first four, don't panic. It's time to settle in and play some defense! Remember, Baby Dragon/Executioner/Tornado are main defensive cards. Again, it's important to point out that you will take damage to your towers with a deck like this. Many times, I've taken massive damage to my tower or the point that you would think there is no way to come back but then suddenly I have an elixir advantage and BOOM I have a counter with Golem/NW/dragon that my opponent has no chance to defend against and I 3 crown them within two minutes.

Ideally, you get your collector down, play defense (taking some manageable damage) and then set up your first push by placing your Golem behind your king's tower. Best practice is to not waste your NW on defense, so she's available to place down behind the King Tower as your Golem passes/is in front of the Crown Tower. If you can successfully get these two down in that order with that spacing, you are on your way to getting some or complete damage to your opponent's crown tower. RECAP: first golem goes down behind King tower and once the golem passes or is in front of princess tower the NW goes down behind or to the side of the king tower.

In the ideal situation above: You can get countered by Inferno Tower or Executioner depending on how much elixir your opponent has burned. If they place inferno tower after you already placed golem and NW then your push will not be as effective unless you have enough elixir to use your Lightning spell. If you don't have enough elixir to put down the lightning spell, I prefer to let the golem/NW combo play itself out with no more support and I prepare to defend the counter push coming from your opponent. The good news is you now know that your opponent has the Inferno Tower. Moving forward, you will place the Golem down in the same spot (behind kings tower) and wait to play the NW as you will want to use Lightning Spell first to eliminate the Inferno Tower and then place the NW at the bridge.

The timing of eliminating the Inferno Tower is important. You will want to let the Inferno Tower lock in on the Golem for 2-3 seconds depending if they place other troops down to take out your Golem (if they put down any type of skelli or goblin...use the LOG!) and then hit them with the Lightning spell. The Lightning spell resets the Inferno Tower and your Golem will only need one hit to finish it off (depending o towers level). Once the tower is down, your Golem has a good amount of health left with the NW supporting behind her you placed her at the bridge.

I alluded to the Executioner being a counter as well. Also, I've stressed the importance of spacing. In order for the Executioner to not completely swipe through your golem/NW combo...the spacing is key (see above for placement). There are many variables here (also depends where your opponent places the Executioner) but the objective is to get the Executioner to turn so your Night Witch doesn't get sliced up at the same time as your Golem. If you get the Executioner to turn, then you have a good chance that the Bats from your NW will help kill off the Executioner in combination with the pokes from her battle staff. If the Executioner doesn't turn properly, you are looking at supporting with a Lightning spell if you can afford the elixir. Don't waste more support troops if the Executioner doesn't turn as you are just making it easier for your opponent to defend with the Executioner. As many of you know, if your opponent uses Executioner, they will probably be using Tornado as well. This combo is tough to overcome and the main tip I offer is to be patient, use Lightning on the Executioner as it will stun him. You can also throw a log down the lane or support with the splash damage from the Baby Dragon. Again be careful about throwing elixir towards the Executioner/Tornado combo. Be patient, let the Golem take the damage, let the Tornado die out and then use the Baby Dragon.

Pekka is another defense that can cause issues but again this is where the spacing is key. The proper spacing will allow the Pekka to turn and ignore the NW. The combo of bats/battle staff more times than not eliminates the Pekka before it can completely kill off your Golem. The good thing is the Pekka costs a lot of elixirs so your opponent often doesn't have much else to put down to support the Pekka and kill off your push.

This Deck is Good Against:

  • Honestly, I've had success against all deck types. Beat down decks, siege decks, bait decks, cycle decks (although a bad draw on card order or play one card out of place...and you can experience problems). As I've said, you will take damage but if you get your push set up, your opponent is forced to defend and typically they don't have enough to defend against this type of push.

This Deck is Bad Against:

  • Other beat down decks and cycle decks present the most problems.

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