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User Deck - Hog Battle Ram Deck for 2v2 and Arena 7
A deck that can be used in ladder and 2v2 matches. Check out this Hog Ram Synergy deck here.
Approved by: Originally Published by: on July 20, 2017.
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Deck Overview & Proof of Working

Twitter User ‘’Phdinh04’’ explains how the Battle Ram and Hog Rider can help you breach Arena 7. Also, as this deck can be used in 2v2, you don't have to switch decks all the time.

UserDeck Breakdown

  • Deck Name: Hog Battle Ram Deck for 2v2 and Arena 7
  • Working in: Arena 7 and 2v2 Battles
  • Submitted by: Phdinh04
  • Clan Name: Chiptole / Clash Royale Name: UnclePhil

Proof of Working:

This deck helped me when 2v2 Battles with a 3 crown most of the time. Really fun deck to use in 2v2 Battles and single games.

Clash Royale Cards:

Hog Ram Deck for 2v2 and Arena 7 by ‘’’UnclePhil’’’. Submit your User Decks here!
  • Hog rider – Runs with Battle Ram to the tower. It is one of the 2 primary weapons of this deck. This is your win condition.
  • Battle Ram – Runs with the Hog Rider to the tower. It is one of the 2 primary weapons of this deck. This is your win condition.
  • Skeleton Army – Defend against big tanks like Pekka or the Giant.
  • Knight – Used for defense and a great tank when no Hog Rider or Battle Ram in hand. Helps start a push.
  • Arrows – Protects the Hog Rider and Battle Ram push against Skeleton Army, Minion Horde, Fire Spirits, etc.
  • Inferno Tower - Helps stop big troops that the Skeleton Army can't stop like Golem, Royal Giant, or Valkyrie.
  • Ice Wizard - Helps with teammate troops in 2v2 battle or in single battles. If you don't have an Ice wizard, use Wizard to take out Minion Horde or other primary troops.

Deck Strategy:


  • Wait until 10 elixirs to start any pushes with this deck. Knight can be placed as your first card to start a push at the beginning of the game.
  • Your opponent will usually put Skeleton army or Minion Horde to counter the Hog Rider and Battle Ram push so you should put a Baby Dragon behind the push or get arrows ready or shoot to predict.


  • Use Skeleton Army and Inferno Tower to stop big troops and tanks. Use Ice Wizard/ to stop primary troops and armies. Arrows to stop armies and hordes. Knight should be against single troops especially shooting troops and melee troops.

Core Strategy:


If you start with a Hog Rider and Battle Ram, put those 2 in the corner on the right or left. However, if you don't start with either, put a Baby Dragon or Knight in the back to start a push. Wait until 10 elixirs to do any of this. If they put something down first, wait until that troop reaches the bridge. Depending what troop, put a Skeleton Army or Inferno Tower.

Mid Game:

To push, use the Hog Rider, Battle Ram, or, Knight. Use Arrows and Ice Wizard/Wizard against armies. Inferno Tower and Skeleton Army against big troops. Baby Dragon is for defense or for supporting a push. Keep pushing for a single tower.

If a tower is below 200 HP, go for the other tower. Always go for the 2 crowns in single battles but go for 3 crown or 2 crowns in 2v2.

Double Elixir Time:

In Single Battle and 2v2s, take advantage by putting down both Hog Rider and Battle Ram. Support them with Baby Dragon, Ice Wizard/Wizard, or Knight. Always get Arrows ready when pushing. Use Skeleton Army and Inferno tower for defense.

This Deck is Good Against:

  • Decks with big tanks and troops like Balloon Deck, Prince Decks, Giant decks, Golem Decks, Pekka Decks"

This Deck is Bad Against:

  • Decks with multiple Horde or Army cards. Also tower cards. To deal with this, let Arrows ready and put Baby Dragon or Ice Wizard in front of the push.

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