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HOOVEwalker 3 Musket Legendary Heal Deck for Arena 10

Deal massive damage with HOOVEwalker's Three Musketeers and never worry about the Fireball with your Heal spell around.
Approved by: Originally Published by: on May 10, 2017.
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HOOVEwalker will teach you a working Three Musketeers deck that will not let you worry about any incoming Fireball. By combining the Three Musketeer with the Heal spell, you can easily Heal them back to health and back for another destruction.

Deck Name:

  • 3 Musket Legendary Heal


  • Arena 10

This deck is submitted by:

  • HOOVEwalker
  • Clan Name - Bad Moon Rising
  • Twitter Account - @thehoove

Clash Royale Cards:

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  • Heal - used on Three Musketeers to counter fireball)
  • Miner - used as tower distraction or to distract range troops
  • Furnace - used as distraction for tanks and barbs, to stop Minion Horde or Skarmy.
  • The Log - protect against Skarmy, Goblins. Slow down large push and good cycle card
  • Bandit - good for quick attack when opponent is low on elixir or defense against Wiz, Ice Wiz, Bomber, Executioner and other range troops
  • Electro Wizard - good defense against minion horde, skarmy, other light HP troops, pair with with Miner for a cheap counter attack
  • Skeleton Army - defense against tanks, Elite Barbs, Hogs and other fast attack troops

Deck Strategy:

  • Musketeers are the #1 kill unit in this deck. Always Split Musketeers. Be ready to heal them as soon as the Fireball comes out so they can't be killed with the Fireball Zap combo. Support each lane as necessary. Use Log to destroy Skarmy. Use Miner to distract tower.
  • Another quick attack is to drop Furnace. Right when your elixir is recovered, drop Miner with The Log and have Heal and or Bandit ready. This attack always does damage. Also, the Furnace can be used as bait for the Fireball.

After I have taken the first tower, I love to drop the 3 Musketeers in the center of the opponents side for a quick strike that can wreck a tower in seconds. Be prepared with Log or Heal if necessary.

This deck has great synergy and you can compete against any decks.

This Deck is Good Against:

  • I have had success against all decks with this.

This Deck is Bad Against:

  • I only lose when i play to aggressive and don't leave myself prepared for counter attack. Golem Graveyard is my most difficult matchup, especially if the opponent has a Fireball. You send 1 Musketeer to the Golem side hoping he will Fireball on the opposite side of his push. If they Fireball the single Musketeer, push hard in lane with 2 Musketeer, keeping Log and Heal ready. You need as much damage as possible from that push because he might build an even stronger Golem-led push on the other side.

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