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Golem, Sparky, Skeleton Barrel Switch Up Deck for Arena 6
Golem with the Sparky and the Skele Barrel as a cheap option for the Balloon.
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I have been using this deck for 2 weeks and I have gone from the bottom of arena 7 the the top of arena 8/ bottom of 9.

Card Roles:

Golem, Skeleton Barrel, Sparky, Elixir Collector, Skeleton Army, Zap, Minions, Fire Spirits

  • Golem - The most important card in this deck, the Golem is used to take hits for the Sparky and Skeleton Barrel. It is used in almost all of the pushes in this deck. It can also be used for defense in desperate times.
  • Skeleton Barrel - This cars is used in 2 of this decks pushes. It can be placed behind a Golem or it can tank for a Sparky.
  • Sparky - This can be placed behind either a Golem or Skeleton Barrel. Also, if the opponent had recently just spent most of his Elixir, you can try just placing it as close to a tower as possible.
  • Elixir Collector - Try to have two Elixir collectors out at all times so you can more quickly send out pushes.
  • Zap - Mainly used as crowd control, also to stop a charging prince or stop an inferno tower.
  • Minions - Primarily defensive, used against trooos that can’t hit air (Valkyrie, Mini-Pekka). It can also be added to a push to help protect the Sparky or Skeleton Barrel or get some extra damage in on the tower. Can be replaced with bats if you choose.
  • Fire Spirits - Used as crowd control, can also be added to a push to take out crowds or get extra damage in the tower. Can be replaced with arrows.
  • Skeleton Army - Used to stop single hitting troops such as princes and pekkas.

Deck Strategy:

Early on try to get 2 Elixer collectors out, this way you will be able to push more easily. There are 3 main pushes: A Golem backed by a Skeleton Barrel or Sparky or both, a Skeleton Barrel backed by a Sparky, and a lone Sparky (use this when the opponent has recently used a counter for the Sparky). If you just need to hold out for a little longer you can drop a Golem to distract the enemy troops. During double Elixer, get 2 Elixer collectors going and start at the back with a Golem, adding every troop that goes into your hand.


  • This deck is good against other Golem decks and hog rider decks


  • This deck is back against spawner decks and elite barbarian decks.
    • CRpedia suggests that if facing against these kinds of decks, play defensively to pull a draw instead of losing.

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