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George W Bush will teach you how to bomb the tower with two Giant Skeletons!

George W Bush Giant Skeleton Clone for Arena 8:

Giant Skeleton Mega Minion Baby Dragon Archers The Log Fire Spirits Skeleton Army Clone
giant_skeleton.png furnace.png 2016-12-09-03-31-33-mega-minion.png archers.png TheLog.png fire_spirits.png skeleton_army.png clone.png

Card Roles:

  • Giant Skeleton: The tank of the deck and the main offense. Can be used in dire defense times.
  • Skeleton Army: Army. Use to take out enemy tank troops, hold in your hand as defense card only.

George W Bush Giant Skeleton Clone Deck Strategy:

The first key is that you can only you use your Clone spell for the first time when your Giant Skeleton is already next to a tower. Try to take the enemy by surprise the first time to ensure you take a tower.

For the first two minutes, start by dropping your Giant Skeleton behind your king tower and wait to see what your opponent places to counter your Giant Skeleton and place the appropriate troops to counter them back. Once double elixir begins place your Giant Skeleton close to the bridge so that it can drive straight for the crown tower. As soon as your Giant Skeleton gets next to a crown tower at any stage in the game drop your Clone card immediately onto it so that both Giant Skeletons drop death damage.

The death damage is the main element of attack. Alternatively a group of support troops can be used as a small push but can be easily taken out.

Deck is Best Against:

Great against mob decks or decks that rely on Hog Riders/Princes. It has a lot of cards to counter mobs. Great against beatdown decks as it is heavy on defense.

Deck Weakness:

Countered by decks with multiple towers and tanks that can continuously draw your Giant Skeleton away from the crown towers. Try to attack when your your opponent has low elixir. Tornado will render this deck quite hard to use in which you will have to draw the Tornado card before placing your Giant Skeleton.

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Special thanks to Geroge W Bush from inter yanan clan for sharing this deck!

Last modified: 10,03,2017

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