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Executioner Dart Goblin Freeze Deck for Arena 9
An easy to use beatdown deck with the Dart Goblin firing his darts from range and Executioner clearing the path.
Approved by: Originally Published by: on August 9, 2017.
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Deck Overview & Proof of Working

An easy to use Beatdown deck where you place the Dart Goblin behind your Giant and use the Freeze spell to topple down the tower. You also have the Executioner with the Tornado for your defense.

UserDeck Breakdown

  • Deck Name: Executioner Dart Goblin Freeze Deck
  • Working in: Arena 9
  • Submitted by: | Ice_
  • Clan Name: Royale Elites / Clash Royale Name: Ice_

Proof of Working:

This got me a decent amount of trophies especially if you just dropped down from jungle, It got me back to jungle from 2400 throphies

Clash Royale Cards:

Executioner Dart Goblin Freeze Deck by ‘’’Ice_’’’. Submit your User Decks here!
  • Freeze – To force the opponent to spend elixirs
  • Dart Goblin – crushes the tower while the Executioner does the work
  • Miner - a tank to keep your support troops alive
  • Giant – your main tank for pushes and main win factor
  • Tornado – compliments the Executioner really well. It clumps troops altogether and/or clip the tower as well

Deck Strategy:


  • The Dart Goblin attacks the tower as fast as he can.
  • The Executioner is like the Wizard but a bit bette. It can clump up all the troops and deal a lot of damage thanks to the Tornado.
  • Giant is the tank...That’s it.
  • Freeze is the MVP of this deck, It not just forces your opponent to commit more elixirs, it even freezes troops nearby!
  • You can activate your King Tower early if they have a Hog or Miner


  • You can also use the Freeze defensively but I recommend using it on offense or in a pinch.
  • Giant CAN be used for defense and works great when counter attack, It soaks up all the damage just like an Ice Golem.
  • Dart goblin can stop a Balloon as well as deal some chip damage if the opponent decides to ignore it.
  • Executioner and Tornado are THE best for attacking and defending. Tornado can clump up all the support troops while the Exacutioner does a lot of damage.
  • Fire spirits and Ice spirits and either cycle your deck, or take out of swarms. For example Minion Horde and Goblin Gang.

This Deck is Good Against:

Hog Rider Decks, Balloon decks (But not LavaLoon) Chip Cycle decks Cycle decks

This Deck is Bad Against:

Lava hound and Balloon (LavaLoon) Sparky decks Wizard decks Electro Wizard Decks

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