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DarkSparky teaches us that a good counter can lead to a good and winning counter push!

DarkSparky The "Trampoline" Deck:

Prince Valkyrie Baby Dragon Witch Wizard Balloon Skeleton Army Zap
prince.png valkyrie.png baby_dragon.png witch.png wizard.png balloon.png skeleton_army.png zap.png

Card Roles:

  • Prince: Unit/Tower damager, tank, tank damager.
  • Valkyrie: Anti-swarm/support units, Prince's offensive tank/supporter.
  • Witch: Anti-swarm/air, Tank supporter.
  • Wizard: Anti-swarm/air, Tank supporter.
  • Balloon: Tank, Tower damager when your opponent is at low elixir, Anti-defense buildings.
  • Zap: Anti-swarm/minions, cycling through cards.

DarkSparky The "Trampoline" Deck Strategy:

Your whole idea when using this deck is to be able to counter any push your opponent sends. Pair the leftover counter units with fresh ones to do a counter-push. This can deal more damage than your opponent. Refresh and repeat. You will drive your opponent up the walls as you continue to counter their "super pushes" (Hence the name the Trampoline deck).

Deck is Best Against:

This deck was made to be able to counter just about any kind of deck/card you can find in arenas 1-6, and it does its job pretty well. Take a Giant/Witch/Minions push: You just need to take out the Witch with a Valkyrie, then put in a Baby Dragon to counter the Minions. You could put in another card to counter the Giant, but a little damage from him is fine to be able to make a bigger counter-push.

Deck Weakness:

It is not so much the actual match that's the problem, but getting these cards together.

If you can't, here are some good substitutes I expect everyone to have Zap, Valkyrie, and possibly Wizard by now):

Remember that the shop is your best friend in this case, and you don't really want to have more than two subs in the deck. The only kinds of deck this deck is weak are hut decks, especially Barbarian Hut decks. They spawn little mini pushes that are too small for this deck to really want to pay any attention to, but if you ignore them, they will deal massive damage to your tower. I would advise a Balloon or Prince push in the other lane as soon as you see the hut, but a brute-force push in the hut lane if a Valkyrie is feasible and can still work.

Note that subbing the Fireball for the Witch is not a bad idea for situations with Huts. I just like the Witch because it gives me more options for defending big pushes, which is where this deck excels.

You have to remember that you don't have to back up every wave of "leftovers" you have. If you have the elixir, do so, chip damage is fine, too. It is very risky to back up a push if it leaves you with 1-2 elixir, as your opponent could do a Balloon push or something of the sort in the other lane.

The last piece of advice I can give you is to always have at least one of your "Big Three" (Witch, Wizard, Baby Dragon) in your hand at all times, and ideally one in the "next" slot. This gives you the possibility to always take down swarms, air units, and tanks somewhat. I hope I've given you an idea to move forward in arena 5-7!

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Special thanks to DarkSparky from Greenhills clan for sharing this deck!

Last modified: 4,05,2017

Last modified: 4, 05, 2017

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