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Barb Ram Deck For Arena 7
Swarm your opponents with the Barbarians and the Barbarians from the Battle Ram to get your Crown Tower and win the game!
Approved by: Originally Published by: on July 28, 2017.
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Deck Overview & Proof of Working

This deck is a chunky swarm deck as you use the regular 4 Barbarians plus a pair of Barbs from the Battle Ram. It also has the Minion Horde for that fast damage along with the Skeletons. Percy will teach us how to use his Barb Ram Deck.

UserDeck Breakdown

  • Deck Name: Barb Ram Deck
  • Working in: Arena 7
  • Submitted by: Percy
  • Clan Name: Hi striker / Clash Royale Name: Percy

Proof of Working:

From 2100 to 2900

Clash Royale Cards:

Barb Ram Deck by ‘’’Percy’’’. Submit your User Decks here!
  • Arrows – mainly for clearing hordes
  • Battle Ram - win condition, place it with Barbarian or Minion Horde
  • Zap - support on offense and defense
  • Skeleton Army - mainly for defense, can be placed with battle ram for small push

Deck Strategy:


  • You wait for ten elixirs at beginning of match and wait for the opponent to attack first. After you reach 9 elixir, place barb and battle ram at the same time on the bridge.
  • After that, you just cycle it to the barb and battle ram again and repeat the process.


  • If things don't look too good feel free to use barbs for defense, after that you can also use Minion Horde or Skeleton Army to push.

This Deck is Good Against:

All types of decks if you spend elixir wisely

This Deck is Bad Against:

This deck is slightly weaker against decks with Wizard, Skarmy, Minion Horde, and Inferno Tower. So make sure their cards are out of rotation and have a zap (or skarmy and minion horde in the case of inferno tower) ready before you push.

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