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Balloon Freeze Deck for Arena 8
This deck brings back the effectiveness of the Freeze spell together with the Rage from the LumberJack and wrecking abilities of the Balloon.
Approved by: Originally Published by: on August 7, 2017.
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Deck Overview & Proof of Working

Make the Freeze spell come back to life along with the Guards with this effective Balloon Freeze Deck. The Ideal Strategy is to have the LumberJack tank for your Balloon and let out the Rage spell and plant the Freeze for a sure tower destruction.

UserDeck Breakdown

  • Deck Name: Balloon Freeze
  • Working in: Arena 8
  • Submitted by: dirt2222
  • Clan Name: young money / Clash Royale Name: dirt2222

Proof of Working:

I beat multiple level 9s (many had overleveled cards) as a level 7 with this deck (knight over ice golem) in arena 7 (with under or on-level cards) and pushed into arena 8 and I continue to beat multiple level 9s (though I am level 8 now with mostly appropriately leveled cards (the freeze is only level 1, the golem is level 5 and the guards are level 2)

Clash Royale Cards:

Balloon Freeze by ‘’’dirt2222’’’. Submit your User Decks here!
  • LumberJack – Great defensive and offensive utility to chop through tanks/small groups and provide high damage to enemy tower or provide rage for the Balloon. Possibly replaceable by Mini P.E.K.K.A. or Night Witch, but Lumberjack is highly preferred.
  • Ice Golem – Synergizes well with the cards in the deck, specifically the Balloon, to transport the deck's high power but fairly fragile troops to the enemy's tower. Also is great for defense to block Graveyard (+destroying skeleton army) and kite slowly attacking targets. Possibly replaceable with Knight, especially if you replace the Lumberjack.
  • Guards - For aiding in tank killing and distracting slowly attacking troops. Chosen over skeleton army because they are functionally immune to zap, this deck's defensive dps is fairly high and they allow for easier counter-pushes. They also don't die from the golem's death damage. Possibly replaceable with Skarmy or Tombstone, but Guards are preferable.
  • Minions – High dps general troops to beat down tanks or glass cannons. Great for supporting the Balloon or Lumberjack, as their move speed allow them to keep up with the lumberjack and the Balloon's size catches the minions behind it. Their functional immunity to zap is critical for defensive play. Mega Minion is a possible alternative.
  • Musketeer – High damage troop to shoot down tanks or supports. Also great for chipping the tower. Mega Minion is an alternative here also.
  • Freeze - Offensive and defensive utility. The ability to freeze troops and buildings for 4 seconds is critical for defending against pushes, allowing the generally squishy but high dps troops in this deck to effortlessly eat through supports and beat down tanks, or stopping troops from shooting your Balloon on offense.
  • Arrows - Used to shoot down enemy Minions, Goblin Barrels and Princesses which can be irritating when used against this deck. Chosen over zap because Arrows instantly kill Minions and the Minion Horde, which would otherwise be a hard stop for basically any large offensive push this deck has to offer.

Deck Strategy:


  • This deck can either dry push or counter push, but it is typically preferred to counter push with this deck since there are no true tanks in the deck. Because basically every lone troop (Ice Golem is the exception) in this deck can deal considerable damage to your opponent's towers, your opponent must commit to defense, eat considerable chip damage (Musketeer, Minions, and Guards) or lose a tower (Balloon and Lumberjack).
  • Offensively, the best reasonable push is Lumberjack+Balloon+Spell, where the Lumberjack will tank for the Balloon, chop down enemy glass cannons that would otherwise target the Balloon and then drop rage for the Balloon so the Balloon can destroy the tower.
  • The spell, Freeze or Arrows, can be used to stop troops that are out of range of the Lumberjack (flying or otherwise) and/or stop the tower from shooting your troops. This combination probably won't be used until late game because of its heavy elixir cost.
  • The Ice Golem can be used to tank for your Musketeer, Minions, or Guards to deal heavy damage to your opponents tower's and can also be used to tank for the Balloon and Lumberjack to more securely destroy a tower or beat down troops on your opponent's side for a lower elixir commitment.
  • The Balloon can be dropped at the bridge as a punishment for your opponents for spending a lot of elixir (such as Three Musketeers or a tank in the back), as long as you have the proper cards to deal with a possible counter push.
  • The Freeze should only be used offensively when you have a large advantage (elixir, tower damage, troop number) or in double elixir as if you don't maintain that advantage or take down a tower, you will only be giving your opponent more time to build elixir.


  • This deck relies on a strong defensive backbone which, when used correctly, can shut down most pushes.
  • The Guards and Ice Golem are the premier defensive cards which can shut down any slowly attacking troop in the game for a huge elixir advantage.
  • The Ice Golem can be played in the back to prepare for a push or to kite a Graveyard or played in the middle of the arena to drag troops like the Giant Skeleton or Baby Dragon across the entire river and allow your towers to deal massive damage to these troops while you gain a massive elixir advantage.
  • The Ice Golem is also great for distracting support cards like the Musketeer or Wizard so that your squishy, high dps troops can effortlessly kill them and then shred the tank.
  • The Ice Golem is also fantastic as a dead stop to the Skeleton Army, as its death damage will kill all appropriately leveled skeletons. It also can act as an emergency answer to the Minion Horde, as its death damage and slowing effect will allow your troops and towers to pick them off without sustaining damage.
  • The Guards are also incredibly powerful defensive troops that can stop cards like the P.E.K.K.A. and Prince in their tracks since they require 6 separate hits to eliminate.
  • The Guards are specifically chosen over the Skeleton Army because they can't be zapped, the Log only breaks their shields and their extra range is incredibly useful for allowing your towers, Guards and other supporting troops to fire a few more times to guarantee successful defenses.
  • Because of the Guards' spell resistance, they also have higher counter push potential when paired with this deck's glass cannons.
  • Both the Ice Golem and the Guards share this trait, which is crucial for winning games.
  • In order to take down large pushes, Freeze is a necessity, since this deck lacks a building. Freeze defensively seems like a waste, but when you consider that this tank consists of multiple glass cannons, the 5 seconds (technically 4.9 at tournament standard) of time where your opponents tanks and supports can't move is critical for allowing your troops to shred your opponent's push, as each non-building targeting troop in this deck can deal over 1000 damage (besides the Musketeer, which still has no problem shredding supports and dealing massive tank damage in this time) alone (this does not consider your tower's damage in this time). This means even small investments like Freeze+Minions can dismantle a push of over 10 elixirs and give you a counterpush potential (This is one reason why non zappable/loggable troops are chosen). In other words, Freeze is your building.
  • The Ice Golem can also be used to distract supports, while the Musketeer or Minions kill it.
  • The Lumberjack is particularly strong on defense, as it deals insane damage and still provides value even if it dies on your side due to rage.

Beginning of the game:

  • You don't want to commit hard in the beginning, as the Balloon is an incredibly punishable win condition.
  • Small pushes like Ice Golem/guards+Minions/Musketeer are acceptable, as these can deal heavy tower damage and still leave you with a solid defensive core with the cards you don't use.
  • Scout out what the opponent has and learn to adapt, as there are many tricks with this deck that can allow you to beat many deck archetypes.
  • In this opening time, you should be looking for counter-push potential by using your cards win elixir advantages primarily.
  • Not being overwhelmed is key, as this deck will struggle if you overcommit.
  • Save your Lumberjack and play it on top of supports that your opponent previously played on the bridge, as it will effortlessly kill them and cause havoc on your opponent's side.
  • Your Balloon and Freeze should be hidden at this time, with possible exceptions where your opponent makes a large mistake or commits hard on offense.

Middle of the game:

  • At this point, you should know most of your opponents cards and be able to keep up with their cycle (as this deck has a decently fast cycle) so you can more easily defend and counter-push.
  • This section is basically the same as how you would play in the beginning, safe and looking for openings on your side of the field before converting your advantages to tower damage. Of course, if you notice glaring weaknesses in your opponents air defense, the Balloon can be used to great effect here.
  • If your opponent is using a heavy deck (Golem or 3 Musketeer), playing a Balloon to make sure your opponent has a hard time getting to these heavy cards is incredibly beneficial to you, as letting your opponent build up a huge push is typically a bad idea since you lack a tank or building of your own.
  • At this point, Ice Golem+Balloon pushes may be employed, as they can be difficult to stop if your opponent does not commit heavy amounts of elixir.

Double elixir:

  • This is when the Balloon+Freeze combo should be used the majority of the time.
  • Since you can begin to cycle quickly and regain a comfortable amount of elixir even after failed tower pushes, it isn't a terrible idea to use this combination with other support (Lumberjack primarily) because it provides an immense offensive pressure. As long as you can retain a strong defensive backbone, this is the time to become offensive with this deck (assuming you are playing a standard elixir cost deck).
  • With the chip you have accumulated from previous troop exchanges, the Balloon should have no issue demolishing towers in 2 hits or less. Even without chip damage, the Balloon Freeze combination should have no issue destroying towers, especially with Lumberjack support.
  • The Lumberjack also becomes essential at this time, as it either will deal huge tower damage or provide rage for your Balloon so that it can easily destroy the enemy's towers.

This Deck is Good Against:

* Hog decks:

You have multiple answers to the Hog that can't be zapped or logged so that the Hog will have trouble getting more than one hit off on a tower for four elixir. Since your troops survive, they can be used to counter-push to some degree.

  • P.E.K.K.A. decks:

The P.E.K.K.A. is incredibly easy to cycle around and you have two guaranteed answers in Guards and the Ice Golem to allow your supports to effortlessly kill the P.E.K.K.A. Common supports in these decks, like the Baby Dragon, are easy to kite with the Ice Golem and get picked off by Minions or the Musketeer. Since the P.E.K.K.A. is easy for this deck to defensively handle, the Balloon can be used to block supports from the P.E.K.K.A.

  • Graveyard decks:

Again, since the troops in this deck are functionally immune to zap, only heavy Graveyard pushes will be able to deal any sort of considerable damage. The Miner, which is almost in every Graveyard deck, is easily shut down by the Lumberjack, which also can stop most of Graveyard's damage alone due to its fast attack speed and high health. In the event that your opponent poisons your tower, the Lumberjack is still a great answer due to his high health and his ability to give your tower more attack speed in the event of his demise. The Ice Golem and Musketeer are also good answers to Graveyard+Poison, while Minions and Guards can stop smaller Graveyard chip attempts.

  • Siege:

Both Siege weapons get hard stopped by the Ice Golem, which easily out cycles them and can then be blasted by supports or the Balloon to make a deadly counter-push.

  • Royal Giant:

Everything in your deck chews through the Royal Giant and lets you set up a huge counter-push. Since the Balloon deals considerably more damage than the RG, it may be worth giving it a few hits if you know you can use your elixir advantage to obliterate a tower.

  • Elite Barbarians:
Guards and the Ice Golem completely shut down EBarbs alone because they have a terrible attack speed and long attack wind up animation (EBarbs frequently miss an Ice Golem that is placed in the middle that is walking in the same direction as the EBarbs). Since Guards can't be spelled (even better if it is Zap), EBarbs are forced to waste 3 seconds at the very least just attacking the Guards before doing anything else. Pair the Guards with minions to decimate the EBarbs if your opponent spells the Guards.

This Deck is Bad Against:

Due to the versatility of this deck, there are no truly terrible matchups as long as you remain creative. Some problematic ones may include;

  • Heavy Beatdown decks:

If you let your opponent build a heavy push for no repercussion, you may have issues dismantling a push without a building. Fortunately, your deck consists of multiple incredibly punishing options should your opponent commit to a big tank (Golem or Lava Hound [maybe the Giant should be included, but it has a considerably lower amount of health than the Golem and can be beaten down easily by the Lumberjack and Guards as a result]). In the event that you can't apply opposite lane pressure, Freeze is your friend. Your deck's resistance to common spells means that with Freeze, your troops can use their high dps to melt the enemy's push with assistance from your crown towers. The Lava Hound, in particular, will probably be more problematic, but as long as you kill its support with Minions or the Musketeer, you can easily take out the Hound and its Pups with the remaining supports you have, Arrows and use the Ice Golem to tank if you really don't want to eat extra damage. The Ice Golem is also your friend here for dismantling pushes, as it will distract most supports for only 2 elixir, giving your troops an effortless kill on the support and tank. If your opponent has Arrows over Zap or Log, you will have to rely more on your Musketeer and Freeze for stopping Lava Hound pushes.

  • 3 Musketeers:

Much like with Heavy Beatdown decks, the best cure is the prevention itself. Making sure your opponent has a hard time playing the Musketeers is the best way to stop the 3 Musketeers from being an issue. In the event that you can't, Freeze will be your friend. Since Musketeers have relatively low health, Freeze+any of your troops should have little trouble wiping them all out. Keep in mind that if your opponent plays them at the bridge, they have no option to stop this since they will have insufficient elixir to stop anything you have+Freeze before their Musketeers have almost no health left (best case scenario for them). If your opponent plays them in the back, the best course of action would be to Ice Golem+Musketeer and then react to how your opponent responds. If they do nothing, you can Freeze to completely wipe them all out, or just trade your Musketeer and Ice Golem for one of their Musketeers and play Guards or Lumberjack at the bridge to wipe the rest out. If they play something (100% a troop), you will have to Freeze them on your side and then pick them off. Splitting the Musketeers isn't much of an issue, as both Guards and the Lumberjack will pick off the 2 Musketeers and the Ice Golem+tower will pick off the other, preventing any tower damage if done properly.

  • Executioner+Tornado:

Though not prevalent in this arena, the Balloon struggles a lot with Tornado. Thankfully, these decks are defensive by nature, so they will have a hard time getting off considerable damage on your tower. Chip damage runs may be your best bet, or forcing your opponent to hard commit on defense against Balloon pushes, as the executioner is a weak card if he crosses the bridge, especially without Tornado. Using Freeze commonly on offense is probably your best bet, as your opponent is forced to commonly use Tornado, so you will never be at a huge elixir deficit as long as you keep good answers to your opponents cards in mind.

  • Beatdown with Poison:

This is mostly the same as Beatdown, but the Poison means that your Musketeer, Minions and Guards will all have a rougher time defending. Since Poison is a rather heavy spell, and does not instantly kill your troops, you can still be safe with your Musketeer's long range to avoid the Poison altogether and still place Minions and Guards near the Poison if necessary, since the Guards still have the shield that needs to be burned through and Minions still will beat up troops like the Inferno Dragon that are commonly paired with Poison so that your tower will only suffer minimal damage. Chances are that you will need to heavily lean on your Ice Golem for defending against these heavier pushes with Poison since it still can eat a bit of damage and allow your supports to outrage the Poison spell for as long as possible.

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