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BARNEY Golem-Balloon Deck for Arena 6

BARNEY will teach us how to use the Golem's pressure and then add the Balloon for that sure tower destruction.
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BARNEY created a deck that is more deadly than the Giant-Loon. It has the Golem instead of the Giant and the Balloon to do more damage.

Deck Name:

  • Golem-balloon deck


  • Arena 6

This deck is submitted by:

  • Clan Name - Pinoy clashers
  • Twitter Account - None

Clash Royale Cards:

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  • Golem - The main tank of the deck.
  • Balloon - The demolisher of crown towers.
  • Arrows - Use when Golem is getting counter by a Minion Horde, Spear/Goblin or Skeleton Army.
  • Minion Horde - Use to counter the opponent's tank or use to support the Golem.
  • Elixir Collector - Use to replenish elixir.
  • Archers - Use as a support or as a counter.
  • Bomber - Use to counter hordes of ground units or a support.
  • Musketeer - Use to counter flying units or as a support.

Deck Strategy:

  • Wait until your elixir reaches 10. Then drop the collector at the corner then play defense for a while. Wait until the Golem is available then drop it at the back of king's tower then spawn the Archer and Bomber behind it. If countered, use Arrows to kill low HP units. If a crown tower is destroyed, drop another Golem on the bridge. Use some support until the Golem reaches the King's Tower then drop the Balloon behind the supports. When 2x elixir comes, drop as many cheap units to both side to destroy atleast one tower then drop the Golem on the bridge (optional). This is because the Balloon can destroy a tower quickly if left unattended.

This Deck is Good Against:

  • If played smart, this deck is hard to counter.

This Deck is Bad Against:

  • This deck is weak against a cheap army or a deck with buildings. The army can be easily stopped by the Arrow and the range unit can demolish the buildings.

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