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November Updates:

October Updates:

September Updates:

August Updates:

  • August 23: Insights to August 24 Balance Update - In an attempt to balance everything and make all cards usable at every Clash Royale arena, Supercell announces the balance changes that will happen on the 08/24 update. Some of them are pretty huge, so keep rea... more.
  • August 16: Meet the Duel Expert - Supercell has been creating good animation commercial with great graphics, sounds, and story. Naturally, they did something for Clash Royale as well. First, let's meet the Duel Expe... more.
  • August 10: Clash Royale Summer Competition takes place in China - Directly from the International Gaming League of China, one of the biggest tournaments in Clash Royale is ready to roll out this summer, starting August 11 to 21. With no particular place yet, the prize pool of this tournament will undoubtedly be so big for it will handl...more.
  • August 4: Supercell To Announce Upcoming Changes Soon! - Back from their summer getaway, Supercell announced on their forum that another update is incoming. These include: Tournament improvements, Making legendary cards attainable and New cards and balance changes. These were just the top of their priori... more.
  • August 4: Clash Royale Japan is Asking Help in Renaming the Miner - The Miner, along with the other cards' names were changed in the Japanese version of Clash Royale. Though the game itself is the same across the globe, the Japanese community tried to pick the closest names they can to translate almost all cards in the ga...more.
  • August 2: Supercell Teases ClashCon 2016 - Since the tweet of Clash Royale didn't say much, upon checking their last ClashCon in Helsinki, Finland, we think the new one is going to be massive! To think those are just fans of Clas...more.

July Updates:

  • July 27: Shanghai Tournament Winner's Deck - This Clash Royale deck was presented by nickatnyte copied from the winner of the Shanghai Tournament that was held July 23, 2016 and won by Mr. Mingsh...more.
  • July 27: Shanghai Tournament Recap - Just in case you missed the SHT or the Clash Royale Shanghai Tournament here's a little recap of what happened. We will also give you the decks that made it to the quarter finals, fi... more.
  • July 19: The State of Clash Royale According to Chief Pat - Chief Pat, a 23-year-old gamer and Youtuber, broke his silence about what is happening in Clash Royale right now. He talked about how hard it is to get legendary cards, the amount of mon... more.
  • July 19: Supercell's Thoughts About Tournaments - The July 4 massive update included 4 new cards in the game, a brand new Arena 8 - Frozen Peak and an option to join a tournament. Supercell did announce that joining a tournament and being on the top half of the ranking wi... more.
  • July 3: New Clash Royale Cards Preview- Four new cards are bound to land on the July 4 update and it includes one Common card, One Epic card and two more Legendary ca... more.

Past Updates:

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