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The Rocket is a very underused card. Most players think its elixir cost is too high, but this deck will show you how to properly use the destructive power of the Rocket.


The Clash Royale Rocket is unlockable from Arena 3. It is a spell card that costs 6 elixirs but deals heavy damage on its target radius. It deals less damage to the crown tower, so keep that in mind. It does take time to launch the Rocket so it is not advisable to use it on low HP or fast moving enemies. It is great when used as a finishing blow to your opponent towers.

Deck Strength:

Still, the Rocket's strength is its massive damage to your enemy towers. Also, since it is a spell card, it cannot be stopped by your opponent. It is capable of destroying almost all enemies in the game with one shot, except for high HP enemies like Giant and PEKKA. It's great for dealing gradual damage to your opponent's towers. Most decks that that use this card focus on the Rocket and the other cards are just to defend their towers.

The strength of this deck relies on its defense. Most of the cards are used to defend your towers. The main weapons to destroy your enemy towers are the Rocket and the Gobin Barrel. If you know your enemy has Arrows, try to lure them to use it with one of your horde troops. After they use their arrows, you can launch your Goblin Barrel freely. The Rocket and Goblin Barrel will eliminate your enemy towers in no time.

Clash Royale's Rocket Deck for Arena 3, 4, & 5:

Giant Skeleton Skeleton Army Goblin Barrel Rocket
giant_skeleton.png skeleton_army.png goblin_barrel.png rocket.png
Minion Horde Arrows Bomb Tower Tesla
minion_horde.png arrows.png bomb_tower.png tesla.png

Card Roles:

  • Rocket: This is the main card that will be used to destroy your enemy towers. Use the Rocket only for the towers.
  • Goblin Barrel: This is your second card that will be used with the Rocket to take down your enemy towers.
  • Giant Skeleton: It can be used either for attack or defense. Since it has high HP it can take a lot of damage while it deals damage to your opponent troops or towers. Furthermore, if you see a wave of enemy troops coming, use the Giant Skeleton at the bridge to stop enemy troops. After they destroyed the Giant Skeleton, the bomb will eliminate the opponents.
  • Skeleton Army: This one is great for countering single target troops like the Giant, Pekka, Hog Rider, and the Prince. Once they used Arrows on the Skeleton Army, you are free to use Goblin Barrel without fear.
  • Minion Horde: Another great card for eliminating high HP ground troops and buildings like the Bomb Tower and Cannon.
  • Arrows: Great for countering enemy's hordes.
  • Bomb Tower: The defense card to help defend your towers. Great for eliminating Barbarians, hordes, and Wizards.
  • Tesla: Another tower to defend your towers. It hides when there are no incoming enemies, making it invulnerable against spell cards from afar.

Clash Royale Strategy:

At the beginning of the match wait for your elixirs to fill. If you see incoming enemies, counter them using as few elixirs as possible. If no enemy comes, use your main weapons, the Rocket and Goblin Barrel to damage a tower. If you have a Bomb Tower or Tesla, plant it in the center of your two towers to defend both sides.

By now, the enemy will be sending their first wave of enemies. If it's a high HP troop, send out your horde. Only use one horde card as sending 2 might be susceptible to Arrows. The horde and towers are a great combo for eliminating most enemies. By the time you have defended your towers with your low elixir troops, the Rocket or Goblin Barrel should be in your hand again.  Wait for your elixirs to come back and launch a Rocket. If the enemy has used Arrows on your horde, launch the Goblin Barrel instead.

Start countering again. Replace destroyed towers to help in the defense. By the middle of the match, if you see a wave of enemy troops, use your Giant Skeleton as a giant wall. This will entail the enemy to use every elixir to defeat the Giant Skeleton. The bomb left behind by the Giant Skeleton will destroy almost all enemies that is close to it. When you see an opening, use your Rocket. Keep repeating this strategy and you will be destroying enemy towers in no time. Try to focus on the small towers first, as the Rocket does less damage to the main crown tower.

You should be able to destroy 1 or maybe 2 towers by the time 2x elixir comes. Here is where you have to play defense. Since it is 2x elixirs, the enemy will send out its most powerful enemies for one final push to destroy your towers. Use your towers as much as possible and if you see a big wave of enemy troops drop you Giant Skeleton, this guy will distract almost all enemies and destroy them with it's bomb all the while your towers do massive damage to the group of enemies. Drop the weaker troops at a distance from the Giant Skeleton to help him out and wait for the timer to run out.

Deck Weakness:

The weakness of this deck is that it relies heavily on hordes to defend the towers. If the enemy has a lot of anti-horde cards like Arrows and Valkyrie, this deck might be in trouble. Also, the Rocket uses a lot of elixirs, so the best strategy is to go for a big push after the Rocket has been launched and try to eliminate their towers as soon as possible.


The Rocket Deck is purely a defensive one. Constantly use the Giant Skeleton for building a push slowly. Use the Rocket and the Goblin Barrel to pressure opponents.

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