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This deck is one of those Clash Royale decks that Clash on Gan used to gain his longest winning streak in Clash Royale, today.


This Hog Rider deck is too good not to share to our fellow clashers who hold the legendary card, the Ice Wizard.


Deck Strength:

This set of cards just supports each other. Units are fair and square when dealing with air and ground troops. This deck can defend and make unstoppable pushes possible. Can face popular decks like Sparky, RG and Hog Rider decks, too.

Unbeaten Hog Rider Deck - Arena 5 Above:

Hog Rider Ice Wizard Archers Valkyrie
hog_rider.png ice_wizard.png archers.png valkyrie.png
Minions Fire Spirits Zap Cannon
minions.png fire_spirits.png zap.png cannon.png

Card Roles:

  • Hog Rider: The Hog Rider is obviously your main troop in this deck. The Hog Rider can chip-in critical damage in any buildings on site. Support him according to the opponent’s counters. Deploy it anytime you know its best.
  • Ice Wizard: One of the best legendary cards available. If you got the Ice Wizard, you can utilize its ability in either defense or offense. Best catch against slow push or aggressive units. It can also support your potential push correspondingly.
  • Archers: Archers can be very dangerous if left alone. They can even knock down beefy tanks (air or ground) respectively. Just like any other troops, support is its task to the Hog Rider or Valkyrie if possible.
  • Valkyrie: The Valkyrie’s AoE and fair HP can also serve as a tower demolisher. This unit will be the threat against low elixir troops who will cancel your Hog Rider’s move. Even Hog Riders or range units will take time to defeat this unit.
  • Minions: Aside from your Archers and Ice Wizard, the Minions will help you to quickly annihilate ground troops. Use them in distracting Teslas and Inferno Towers to directly target the Hog Rider. They can also handle the Balloon which is one of the deadliest air troops alive.
  • Fire Spirits: Wipe any spawners in just a flick! Utilize this unit to swiftly kill a set of Barbarians or Minion Horde. A troop that can save your troops or tower. With only 2 elixir cost, its blasting damage is undeniably tough and satirical.
  • Zap: The Zap will simply stop low-elixir troops from nagging your Hog Rider down. This Spell will be useful versus swarm of troops. A great alternative for your Valkyrie in some situations. This is the main spell for your Hog Rider to gain extra blows against towers.
  • Cannon: In the current meta, beefy tanks are dominating the higher arenas. If you plan to push for further trophies, having a building card is necessary. The Cannon will hold any troops who are coming for a push. Make sure to place it in the right place and timing to snatch the attention of these irritating units.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Perform a slow push act by placing your Archers behind the King Tower. This will lead you to have a better picture of your enemy’s deck. If the opponent runs the opposite lane, better counter them wisely. Deal with range units by casting your Valkyrie on their chosen lane. Make sure to let their troop(s) cross the river before it reaches your troop. This turn will receive help from your crown tower for faster eradication.

Before running your own trump cards on rampage, make sure to defend first. Use the Minions and Zap Spell to counter Hog Rider combos. You can do this by placing the Minions near the Hog’s supporting mobs. Cast the Zap before the Hog Rider make its first blow. Then quickly drop your Ice Wizard in the other side of your tower. This will slow and weaken their main push effectively.

Once annihilated, convert your Ice Wizard (with Minions) to a powerful push. You can do this by placing your Hog Rider and Fire Spirits in front of your Ice Wizard. Any counters will be dead meat from the Fire Spirits and Ice Wizard epic combo. This will also free your Hog Rider and eventually the Ice Wizard in knocking down a target.

Some opponents might also bring a building card with them. Gan’s advice is to let this building disappear or place a bait to clear the field for your Hog Rider. The ideal strategy in this deck will be effective if you play your cards right. Once you wrecked a tower, turn your attention to the next tower. The 60-second mark will give a bigger chance to your enemy to demolish your tower. That is why it is important to begin pressure in the next tower early. Run the slow push deck but this time with the Ice Wizard. Support it with the Valkyrie with Archers team up. Prepare your Cannon and Zap Spell to counter the enemy’s move whenever they ignore your push. This approach will give you a big advantage in winning a battle.

Deck Weakness:

Too much elixir consumption will be one of the challenges using this deck. Though this deck only offers a 3.0 average elixir cost, great counters will be a problem. Perfect placement of building units will provide a hard time for your Hog Rider. If you face this kind of player, better pressure them using other troops. This will somehow let you chip-in damage to their towers. You can also outsmart them by simulating the cycle of their cards in your mind. By this, you can avoid specific counters suitably.


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With the proper utilization of each card, you can penetrate the game the way you want it. Make sure to level up your troops accordingly for a higher chance of winning. Also, if you are looking for an Ice Wizard deck, then we recommend this one for you to try.

Special thanks to Clash on Gan for this deck.



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