It looks like the Clash Royale team didn't let us know about this change.


A thread was opened by Clash Royale on Reddit apologizing about the failure of informing the Clashers on the price increase of Epic cards upgrade. There has been a lot of boos about the said mishap and at the same time some Redditors accepted the failure and were even understanding of the cause. Here are some of their insights.

Message From Clash Royale Team:

The price increase was really intended but it looks like informing the players just slipped through their minds. Here is their message verbatim to all the players of Clash Royale: 2016-05-07-10-21-19-Untitled.jpg

The Price Hike

This epic card price hike is certainly not a welcome sight to a lot of players especially F2P (Free to Play) players. It gained a lot of negative comments that they aired out on this thread.

Here are some of them:




Less Gold In Chests

Redditors complain that the price increase for an epic upgrade is unfair because the new update decreased the gold that you get from chests. This clearly made an impact to F2P players.

Here's what they said about the amount of gold in chests:


2016-05-07-10-46-32-Untitled.jpg [5]

IT / Game Devs Understand

Coding, Programming, and creating a game like Clash Royale is not easy. If you miss a number or a code, all is lost. That is why some Redditors who are Game devs (Game Developers) or on the IT (Information Technology) industry understood the Clash Royale team.

Here's what they share:




Apology Accepted

Seems like owning your fault and saying sorry about it took the heat off to some Clashers. Since Supercell and the Clash Royale team apologized thoroughly they seem to accept it. [9]



Last Message From CR Team - Tim


In my point of view, kudos to Tim and the Clash Royale team for admitting the fault and posting it on Reddit for everybody to see and react. They owned their mistake, said sorry and for sure they already learned their lesson from this.

As an F2P player I don't really ask too much on this game since I enjoy playing it for free and sometimes win against P2W (Pay to Win) players. Correct me if I am wrong but if you invest money on games like this, you will definitely earn an advantage over F2P players, on gold, upgrades, and cards. That is the reason why F2P players should focus on honing their skills in bringing P2W players down more than anything else.

What are your thoughts about this? Do you accept their apology? Or do you want to have at least a compensation or a new update about it? We'd like to hear from you too!


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