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The ever-popular Giant Bowler deck made an epic comeback in today’s meta. But this time, not with the Poison but with the Lightning Spell. Let’s roll!


With the previous nerfs that happened, a lot of changes are seen in the arena. Can the new Giant Bowler Lightning deck survive in the challenging world or Clash Royale?


The Giant Bowler will act as front runners in this set of cards. Spells and supporting units are balanced enough to fairly counter the enemy. Can deal with some of the famous decks today like the Hog Rider or Mini P.E.K.K.A deck and Miner Graveyard deck.

Ultimate Giant Bowler Lightning Deck Arena 8 Above:

Giant Bowler Lightning Tombstone
giant.png Bowler.png lightning.png tombstone.png
Mega Minion Musketeer Arrows Zap
2016-11-01-08-15-19-MegaMinionCard.png musketeer.png arrows.png zap.png

Card Roles:

  • Giant: Will serve as your main tank in this deck. Utilize this unit mainly for offense. Support with the Bowler often and other units/spells available.
  • Bowler: The Bowler will help your Giant increase the chance to reach its target. Its main task is to kill swarm troops that will counter your strategy. Place it behind the Giant to extend its life and ability.
  • Lightning: This spell is used mainly against towers. Make sure to let your enemy form a 3-unit drop to let your Lightning create a devastating blow against it. If times are tough, use this spell in annihilating incoming troops.
  • Tombstone: Will serve as an effective support for your Giant Bowler combo. This building can also be handy if playing against slow-push decks, Hog Rider decks or Miner decks.
  • Mega Minion: The Mega Minion will help eliminate aerial units within its range. Can critically damage range units, towers, and/or tanks. Support this unit with the Zap or Arrows if in need.
  • Musketeer: Its critical damage will help you knock down a tower easier. The Musketeer is also handy if fighting against Lava Hound, Inferno Dragon decks and the like. Can also serve as a support for your main duo.
  • Arrows: Use to kill the Princess or any kind of low HP units on the field. Can instantly kill Minions and the Minion Horde. Timely drop this spell to weaken the enemy’s move.
  • Zap: Mainly use to reset the enemy’s tower/units target. Effective against the Sparky, Inferno Dragon, Inferno Tower, etc. Can also help your Mega Minion or any other units in the game.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Make the initial move by dropping the Giant once your elixir reaches 10. Place it behind the King’s Tower to accumulate the elixir you need later. Wait until your enemy makes a move. If the enemy creates an aggressive push, drop theBowler or the Tombstone behind or near the targeted tower. As your Giant approaches the river, prepare to use the Mega Minion or Arrows. Use the Mega Minion if ground units are dropped (e.g Barbarians), Splashers or the enemy’s Mega Minion. This is to help the Bowler annihilate ground hindrances quick. Utilize the Arrows against air units like the Minions and the Minion Horde. By this, you can ensure that the Giant and the Bowler can still devastate the opponent’s tower. If your elixir reaches 6, you can drop the Mega Minion first as you wait for your opponent to cast counters. Place the Musketeer behind the Mega Minion for a stronger push.

However, if the enemy holds an Inferno Tower or any other building cards, make sure to prepare the Lightning Spell for your next push. Let your enemy make the first move after your initial clash. It will help you create a stronger team for your next wave of units. Repeat the steps above to continue the pressure. After wrecking a tower, defend your base wisely.

Once the game reaches its final minute, you can easily counter your enemy. Turn your used units into a team to confuse your enemy on whether he will play defensively or not. Avoid dropping everything at once to control your enemy’s move all throughout the last 60 seconds.


The deck might face trouble against aerial decks like the Lava Hound with Miner combo and the like. Aside from the Musketeer and Mega Minion, spells are the only cards you might rely on to weaken these kinds of decks. The only advice we can give is to study the movements of your enemy. With this, you can avoid a large-scale damage in your towers. Also, you can formulate a good strategy in either grabbing their towers or making a solid defense.


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This Giant Bowler deck is a really strong deck if played wisely. If you watched the video shared by phonecatss, you will see different scenarios where you will need to mix cards you need in a certain situation. Well, practice will always be the answer if you intend to master this deck, Chief!

Special thanks to phonecatss for this deck.

Article written by Forrest

Last modified: 6, 01, 2017

Originally published: 23, 11, 2016


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