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Triple Threat Mashup For Arena 11

Learn the right way on how to use this triple threat mashup in Arena 11 shown and shared in TV Royale!
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Release your PEKKA in the wild with this deadly set of cards together! With the Executioner and Miner's main support, your enemy will be in deep trouble!

Here's Clash Royale VODs & TV Royale Replays' video, shared for all of us, Clashers!


This deck is strong enough to annihilate a horde of troops easily. Majority of the cards included contains splash damage. This makes the P.E.K.K.A free in certain situations, increasing the chance rate for her to reach her target. The Miner can knock down Elixir Collectors. He can also be a great decoy if the PEKKA is not around to block the enemy's support unit(s).

Miner PEKKA Executioner Deck:

P.E.K.K.A Executioner Miner Minions
PEKKA.png executioner.png miner.png minions.png
Tornado Zap Poison Furnace
tornado.png zap.png poison.png furnace.png

Card Roles:

  • PEKKA: Your deck's main wrecker. Support it with the Executioner and Miner to extend its power.
  • Miner: Deploy this unit to take down Elixir Collectors. Can be used as a distraction in range units alone. Can also help your PEKKA and Executioner mashup to chip in further damage against a target.
  • Minions: Use the Minions to annihilate ground troops. Can also provide a chunk of damage against bulky units.
  • Tornado: Cast this spell to drag troops. If playing against a Miner, you can try to pull it to your King Tower to activate it. This will make your base extra difficult to raid.
  • Poison: Poison is used to kill or critically damage a bunch of troops. Can also be utilized in taking down towers/defenses.
  • Furnace: Use as a support to your main units. You can also use this in luring incoming threats.

Clash Royale Strategy:

The ideal strategy for this deck is to force the enemy to make the initial move. Letting them cast their cards first will let you formulate a counter strategy. This will lead you to an effective elixir trade against your opponent. Later on, you will have a strong squad to wreck towers.

Wait for your enemy as you prepare your counter measure. If the enemy deploy a splash unit (e.g Witch, Wizard), you can use the Poison and Miner to chip in damage. Do this if your opponent drops their unit near the Crown Tower. This will give you a positive elixir trade weakening both the tower and the troop(s). Target the tower by using the Miner. In this situation, you will need to have extra damage towards the enemy’s. Prepare for defense afterwards.

Once the enemy forms a team, you will need to know first what you need to do to counter them quick. Example, if the enemy makes a slow push, (e.g Giant with the Minion Horde), then dropping the Executioner behind your crown tower is recommended. Try to deploy this unit a bit earlier. Through this, you can have an ample amount of Elixir to finally focus on the bigger unit. After killing the horde, you can now drop the P.E.K.K.A.

However, if the enemy tries to support their bulky unit with a splash damage (e.g Wizard), drop the P.E.K.K.A first to tank it. This might be tricky, but you need to first focus on killing the opponent’s tank. Kill it first and if possible, make a strong counter push out of it. Wait for some seconds before supporting the PEKKA. They might counter it and you might just waste elixirs. If countered, wait for your elixir to pump up and drop your Furnace to deal pressure.

Let the enemy form their team to make a push. All you need to do is to counter them wisely with your cards. Countering them will give you time to cycle back your PEKKA.

At the last minute of the game, this is the moment where you can fully support your main unit. Drop the PEKKA behind the King Tower. If the enemy tries to attack you on the opposite side, plant the Furnace in the middle to lure them. Kill the support behind their tank by using the Miner. If needed, drop the Tornado Spell to drag them in the center. This will allow the opposite crown tower to help you eliminate those units. Support the PEKKA with the Minions. Prepare for the next wave of troops from the enemy. In this situation, your PEKKA will be countered fully. If this happens, create the next wave of your pushing troops.

Drop the Executioner near your Crown Tower. Given that your PEKKA is now cycled, you must now place it in front of the Executioner. Before these two reaches the enemy’s tower, prepare and cast the Poison Spell to maintain pressure. All small counter units will be killed instantly by this move. Deploy the Miner to the opponent’s crown tower for bigger support. Once you took down a tower, go for an all out defense. Counter the enemy by using the cards you need. By doing this final move, they will not have enough time to wreck your towers. If it becomes difficult to defend, try to use the Tornado Spell to drag them away from it.


The deck's weakness is dealing with a lot of horde units. Having one or two hordes like the Minion Horde and Skeleton Army might be fine to deal with, but having three of them is really a challenge. Air decks such as Lava Hound with Balloon deck will also be a pain in the neck. While Elite Barbarians might also bring trouble, you can counter them by not being aggressive during the battle. Exhausting your elixir quick will give them an opening to wreck you, especially if you play the PEKKA quick.


Special thanks to Clash Royale VODs & TV Royale Replays for this featured deck.


Playing this deck is actually fun if you are used to in playing slow push decks. The PEKKA is really a strong unit. But only a few can master it and use its power to its extent. We recommend you to level up your units first if you plan to use this deck. Arena 11 is where beasts reside. Meaning, players in this arena might all be wise but having stronger cards will give you an upper hand to win.

Good luck!

Last modified: 22, 03, 2017

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