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Triple Leg PEKKA Poison Beatdown For Challenges and Tourneys
Devastate your opponent with this epic set of cards ready to bring doom in both challenges and tournaments.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on August 18,2017.
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Overview & Strength:

Devastate your opponent with this epic set of cards ready to bring doom in both challenges and tournaments. Showcasing the PEKKA's gigantic presence, winning those battles will be a lot easier.

The deck is strong against Slow-Push, Hog Rider, Swarm and Bait Cycle Decks.

Triple Leg PEKKA Poison Beatdown For Challenges and Tourneys:

P.E.K.K.A Bandit Miner Electro Wizard
PEKKA.png bandit.png miner.png ElectroWizardCard.png
Bats Goblins Poison Zap
bats.png goblins.png poison.png zap.png

Card Roles:

  • P.E.K.K.A - Tower Smasher. Deploy the PEKKA to wreck towers and bulky units.
  • Bandit - Dash and Slam. Use the Bandit to sneak to the enemy's tower or defeat counter units one-by-one effectively.
  • Miner - Collector/Tower Knocker. Deploy the Miner to destroy Elixir Collectors and chip-in great damage against towers. Can also serve as a mini-tank for your other units.
  • Electro Wizard - Support Zapper. Place the Electro Wizard down to help defend your towers. It can also be a great support for your overwhelming push later on.
  • Bats - Aerial/Ground Support. Deploy the Bats to annihilate ground swarmers. You can also use them to defeat air/range units such as the Inferno Dragon, Mega Minion, and the Musketeer.
  • Goblins - Cheap Distraction. Use the Goblins to help your minor push with the Bandit or any available legendaries. You can also use this as a distraction against planted buildings. Will help you defend your crown towers as well.
  • Poison - Slow Killer. Cast the Poison to help your push even more. Best used on towers with buildings or counter units.
  • Zap - Low HP Swarm Controller. Use the Zap to kill or weaken low HP units in a flick.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to bring pressure early with your legendaries and cheap support cards. As you build your momentum, you will need to chip-in damage to the opponent's towers overtime. Once you have an opening, deploy the PEKKA and let her tank as you prepare your additional troops/spells to make the attack worth it.


For early offense, you can have the Miner with Goblins or Bats together. You can cast the Zap or the Poison on top of the enemy's tower in this phase. You can also have the Miner with the Bandit. Keep in mind that you will need the Zap most of the time in this synergy. This is for you to kill or weaken low HP swarms such as the Skeleton Army or the Goblin Gang. Prepare for defense afterwards.

For later push, you can use the PEKKA. Place it behind the King Tower. Before she reaches the bridge, deploy the Electro Wizard behind. Quickly drop the Bats above the PEKKA to counter buildings. You can deploy the Miner behind your targeted tower as the PEKKA tanks it. Prepare the Zap or Poison depending on its availability. If possible, have the Electro Wizard or Bandit behind for additional support.

Be reminded that some team formation in the PEKKA Push is or might be accessible after a counter-push only or once the Double-Elixir starts.


For defense, you will need the Electro Wizard to somehow control the crown. If swarms are incoming, use the Zap to weaken them. You can place down the Goblins some tiles away from the enemy to kite them shortly. Deploy the Bats for additional damage. If times are tough, use the Bandit's ability to attack enemy's support from behind.

If dealing with bulky ground units, use the PEKKA's ability. Answer your enemy depending on the enemy's back up. Usually, you will need the Zap, Bats or Electro Wizard in this scenario. Aim for a counter-push later on with the PEKKA.

Additional Tip:

Do not be weary if you will need to deploy the PEKKA earlier in the battle. If it is in need, do not hesitate to utilize her. Support her with your units to create a massive push afterwards.


Aerial and Building-Based Decks might bring some tough challenge against this deck. Remember that this set of cards is strong once the Double-Elixir starts. In the first two minutes, you can play and do chip-ins without using your PEKKA too much. This is for you to keep up the phase you need to defeat your enemy later on. Counter your enemy as much as possible and throw your Miner to force them to drop and waste their cards.


This deck is really strong in the Challenges and even Tourneys in the arena. All you need to do is have wise decisions while playing the cards. In some situations, you will need to twist your strategy for a better performance. Learn and get those rewards quick.

If you are into challenges, you can try this set of cards to gain victories and win in the current CCGS.

Good luck!

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Last modified: 30, 08, 2017

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