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Find out how the current Clash Royale champion used a combination of the underrated Giant and the popular Hog Rider to defeat opponents in Helsinki.


Clash Royale players had finally gotten their first official tournament in Helsinki, Finland. The said event happened in April 16, 2016. Out of the 200 participants, only one dominated the game, and his name is Jason, beating everyone with his Giant deck. Let us check how he utilized this Giant + Hog Rider + Elixir Collector Combination.


Jason's Championship deck can be found and used by several players even in lower arenas. (except you have to change Elixir Collector) However, it is a very great deck offensively if you master how to use it.

Hog Rider and Giant are a great combo for destroying towers. Giant will take all the damage, while the Hog Rider does all the damage to the tower. You can easily counter any low HP units with arrows too. The Elixir collector is there since you have to build your push as much as possible. It will just give you an elixir advantage over the course of the match.

Jason's Deck:

Arrows Barbarians Minion Horde Archers
arrows.png barbarians.png minion_horde.png archers.png
Spear Goblins Hog Rider Giant Elixir Collector
spear_goblins.png hog_rider.png giant.png elixir_collector.png

Card Roles:

Average Elixir: 4

Hog Rider and Giant - This will be your bread and butter in this deck. Both are focused in attacking buildings, so all you have to do is defend them at all cost.

Archers and Spear Goblins - Another great duo for defending your lane. They can easily distract tanks that focus on single targets, instead of buildings.

Arrows - Great counter for skeleton army and minion horde. This is an essential card when you are pushing as it will eliminate low HP units.

Minion Horde and Barbarians - Great defensive and offensive units. Both can destroy towers and defensive buildings in minutes. Their damage per second is outrageous when they are left alone.

Elixir Collector - Essential for building up elixir advantage. It is also a good way to block tanks such as Golems, Giants, and Hog Rider.

Battle Strategy:

At the start of the game, make sure you reach 10 elixirs before putting down a card. In the first minute of the game, make sure to get all the information about the card he uses. Also, always put down an elixir collector at the middle. This will serve as distractions from tanks that love to attack buildings. It will also give you elixir advantage over time.

The main strategy is to put down a Giant at the corner of the map. This will give you time to get the elixirs lost to you. Drop down a Hog Rider on the same position you dropped the Giant. If he has a bomb tower or cannon. Drop down a minion horde to destroy it. The opponent will surely use his spell cards to counter it. Next thing to do is drop down an Archer and Spear Goblins to continue the huge push you built. It is an unstoppable push once the tower locks on to the Giant. He has an enormous HP which is why it is hard to kill him. This will surely give you a crown. You can continue the push and might actually manage to get 3 crowns.

If the opponent tries to put down low HP units, quickly use arrows to counter them. Use Barbarians to defend possible attacks and minion horde for aerial units. 


This deck lacks any defensive building. It may get troublesome if you have to deal with several tanks at once without any buildings to defend your tower. Fireball and Freeze can be lethal for your push since both Spell Cards can be used strategically. It can easily stop attacks without sustaining too much damage.

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Do you like this deck? Let us know if you are using the same deck. Feel free to comment down below.


  • We definitely understand that, it's difficult even if they have tournament caps but you're battling against legendaries after legendaries in tournaments. You better equip yourself with good strategy and deck that works inline with your play style. :) -- 10:36, 27 September 2016 (UTC)
  • i have not win a single battle in tournament since i have played 15 battles -- 11:07, 26 September 2016 (UTC)