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Stat(s) at Level 1 Damage per sec (50)
Technical Details Duration (3.2 sec), Radius (5), Target: Troops
Other Details The Tornado can drag nearby units to its center providing damage in a short period of time. Buildings are not affected.

Clash Royale Tornado Overview:

The Tornado is added on the November 11, 2016 update. It is an Epic Spell card that can be unlocked on Arena 6 Builder's Workshop or higher.

It has the ability to snatch troops within its range and cause damage for a couple of seconds. It is a great spell card for both offense and defense.


On it's release, the Tornado will be available on the shop for 400 Gems. Players will get a stack of 10 Tornado cards and will be able to upgrade it to level 3.

Clash Royale Tornado on Offense:


You can use the Tornado on Offense by sucking troops back in. If your opponent is trying to lure your troop away from it's designated lane, pull it back with the Tornado. It will deal additional damage and your troop will stay on one lane, far from the middle where both of the tower archers can reach it.


Together with the Sparky, the Tornado can pull the Giant. It will leave enough time for your Sparky to charge and deal massive damage.


If you combine it with the Giant Skeleton it can snatch your opponent's Barbarians counter push. It will pull them towards the bomb in time for its explosion.

Gif Images is from Orange Juice Gaming. Click HERE to watch the video.

Clash Royale Tornado on Defense:


If you feel like one of your towers is already bruised and needs a break, you can use the Tornado spell card. It can change the lane of an incoming attack to the other. Bear in mind that once the troop started walking, it will just resist the tornado. Make sure to plant the Tornado on time, when the troop is still at stop.


You can easily clump your opponent's troops with the Tornado. It would be easy for splash damage troops such as the Wizard to get rid of them. A massive Fireball can work as well.


It can be quite difficult to counter a Royal Giant after losing a tower. You can reel him in with the Tornado to make him lock on to another tower or your higher HP King Tower.


The Tornado is a great counter spell card against the Miner. It can fly him away and make him aim at your King Tower thus activating it. It will make your enemy's pushes a little bit harder.


If your opponent's tanker or push is already on your tower, you can pull them by using the Tornado. A building placement in the middle will make him re-target.


You can use the Tornado against the Inferno Dragon. Just in case you don't have a Zap spell, you can use it to pull him away from your tower and use a cheaper troop to lure him.

Gif Images is from Orange Juice Gaming. Click HERE to watch the video.

Additional Tornado Info:


Keep in mind on where to land the Tornado. You don't want to pull your opponent's troop towards your tower faster.


If your opponent used the Tornado to counter, you can turn it around and use it to your advantage. Land a Hog Rider or Giant to make them reach their tower faster.

Gif Images is from Orange Juice Gaming. Click HERE to watch the video.

What Reddit thinks of the Tornado Spell:

What do you fellow Clash Royale players think about the Tornado? It can't be to strong at 3 Elixer and its only an epic so I don't think it could be game breaking... Anyone else have any good ideas on what it might do?

It'll help take down lava pups for sure. I haven't seen anyone mention that yet. Also graveyard of course.

Miner absolutely trash after tornado release Tornadoes will absolutely ravage the use of miner...

...except for the fact that you won't go against a Tornado user every time you play.

Sure, Tornados might ruin Miners, but you won't go against them every time. For example, let's assume the Sparky is the counter to your deck. Sure, Sparky might rip apart your deck, but you won't go against her every battle.


Check out Orange Juice Gaming's video about the Tornado.

Tornado Deck Strategies:

How to counter the Tornado:

What do you think of this Epic card that can certainly move troops? This will certainly change the Miner along with the Graveyard gameplay.

Article written by Forrest and updated by Curing the itch from video games by Itchy Monkey

Last modified: 6, 01, 2017


  • F -- 08:20, 29 January 2017 (UTC)
  • Don't use the Tornado against the Graveyard! It will clump the skeletons dealing more damage! T__T -- 11:53, 25 November 2016 (UTC)
  • I tried using the tornado against the Graveyard Spell & it sucked. The Graveyard last longer than the Tornado -- 23:44, 23 November 2016 (UTC)
  • graveyard -- 08:42, 15 November 2016 (UTC)
  • Wow great ideas! We can't wait to check it out as well! -- 12:30, 7 November 2016 (UTC)
  • What if you tornadoes miner graveyard or goblin barrel and make it attack the king tower. The tower would be activated and well yeah... -- 20:12, 6 November 2016 (UTC)
  • Put tornado on your defending valkyerie. Everything gets sucked in and destroyed. This would also work for a giant skeleton's bomb. -- 17:04, 4 November 2016 (UTC)
  • 1k231 -- 12:23, 2 November 2016 (UTC)