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Three Musketeers Bats Deck For Arena 8 Above

The Three Musketeers is currently important in today's meta. Let's make the trio extra strong with the fastest flying units, the Bats.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on June 29, 2017.
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These combinations might not be new, but with the Bats tagged along, we can see a different rampage for the rising deck in the arena.

This deck is also recommended for Classic or Grand Challenges.


This set of cards is strong against Slow Push and Hog Rider Decks.

Three Musky Bats Deck:

Three Musketeers Knight Bats Miner
three_musketeers.png knight.png bats.png miner.png
Ice Spirit Skeletons Zap Elixir Collector
IceSpirit.png skeletons.png zap.png elixir_collector.png

Card Roles:

  • Three Musketeers - Tower Smasher. Deploy this card once you secure or can support it. Wisely place the cards behind or in front of it in every attack.
  • Knight - Main Tank. This 3-elixir semi-bulky unit can absorb or can bully units/towers effectively. Its attack speed and damage are both good enough to stop or weaken distinct units and towers, especially if left ignored.
  • Bats - Air Support. These flying creatures can help you out defend or eliminate counter units effectively. Deploy this card depending on the enemy's strategy. You can also use this as a defensive unit if fighting against ground troops such as the Hog Rider, Valkyrie and the like.
  • Miner - Additional Tank/Collector Knocker. Deploy the Miner to distract and tank towers or troops. This 3-elixir legendary unit can help you stop your opponent in having extra elixirs by taking it down early.
  • Ice Spirit - Cycler Support. Cast the Ice Spirit to temporarily freeze units or building. It can be a big help in taking down big threats or towers efficiently.
  • Skeletons - Cycler Distractors. Use the Skeletons to lure and distract incoming units such as the Elite Barbarians or the Prince. You can also use the Skeletons to support the Knight for cheap offensive tactics.
  • Zap - Ground Swiper. Cast the Zap to eliminate swarm units in a flick. Weaken flying troops (Minions / Minion Horde) and cast the Ice Spirit if necessary to bring them down.
  • Elixir Collector - Additional Elixir Provider. Plant the Collector as early and guard it thoroughly for a great value. This card will make your squad possible especially in the last minute of the battle.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is to get the Pump (Elixir Collector) early to gain extra elixir. Your main strategy is to build a split Three Musketeers combo with the Knight and Bats along. You will need to cast the Miner before the Musketeer(s) crosses the river. Prepare spells and cast cards accordingly to defeat counters and take down towers.


For offensive plays, you can play a cheap yet still effective attack with the Knight and the Skeletons. You can place the Ice Spirit quickly behind these two cards to halt potential counters. Prepare Zap and cast it if the enemy tries to swarm you with the Skeleton Army or the Goblin Gang. Tag the Bats along these units to provide extra help for your Knight.

Aside from this strategy, you can also use the Miner alone for offense. Depending on your game style, you can send a naked Miner towards the opponent's tower. From there, the opponent will likely counter it. It will eventually initiate a counter attack so you must be prepared to handle it. Plant the Pump afterwards.

For your bigger offensive strategy, try to follow the ideal strategy of this deck. If you plan to split the Three Musketeers, you can choose the Knight or Miner to support the solo Musketeer. You must also place the Bats or the Skeletons in both lanes to add extra pressure. Hold the Zap to counter the counters.


In defense, you will mainly need the Knight and your other cheap cards. These units are best while dealing with ground troops. For aerial combos, you will need to deploy the Three Musketeers. It might be difficult, but this is only applicable if you are dealing with a Lavaloon deck. Low HP units, such as the Minion Horde can be killed by your Ice Spirit Zap synergy. Also, you can use the Knight or Miner to tank those. If dealing with Splashers, you can also place down the Knight to distract it. Deploy either the Bats or Skeletons on the opposite side for them to attack freely. Kite troops (Elite Barbarians, Lumberjack) by the Skeletons. Then deploy the Knight in the center of your base to help the Crown Towers take them out.

Additional Tip:

If you are fighting against a Lightning Spell User, you can place the Elixir Collector near the center of your base. Deploy the Three Musketeers in the center of the Collector and the Tower. Through this, your opponent will likely have a hard time on directly hitting your Musketeers. If 2 or all of your Musketeers survived in this situation, this is the time that you can use their abilities to its extent.


This deck might find trouble dealing with Splashers/Aerial and Spell-Based Decks. If you run into these kinds of opponents, you just need to do the same drill in the past. Force the enemy to throw their counter cards early before deploying the Three Musketeers. That is one of the best ways on how to deal with it. Especially, if you are dealing with Lightning/Rocket/Fireball users in the game. Remember that you are not running any heavy spells. As much as possible, penetrate each wave by picking the best cards to counter the enemy.



Special thanks to SirTagCR for this deck!


In my opinion, the deck is really strong especially in the last minute of the game. But you must be wary that you will need extra time to build the elixir and strong team to take down your enemy. Patience and wise decisions are important in playing this set of cards.

Good luck!

Last modified: 4, 07, 2017

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