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Let your opponent go crazy by handing them devastating blows from this epic combo for the Legendary Arena!


With the bulky PEKKA and the amazing attack power of the Three Musketeers, we can see how popular Clash Royale YouTuber Molt manipulates this deck fairly with the surprising help of low-elixir cost troops in the highest arena in Clash Royale today, the Legendary Arena.


Deck Strength:

The almost unstoppable combo of the Pekka and Three Musketeers is the main reason why this deck is ultimately strong. Pairing them with some low elixir troops is a very smart move, giving a helpful hand either on offense or defense. The range of the Princess works just fine in supporting any troops on the battlefield while the Freeze Spell gives your Pekka some extra seconds to cast its last blow.

Three Musketeers + PEKKA Deck Arena 8:

Three Musketeers P.E.K.K.A Dark Prince Princess
Three Musketeers P.E.K.K.A Dark Prince Princess
Spear Goblins Skeletons Goblins Freeze
Spear Goblins Skeletons Goblins Freeze

Card Roles:

Three Musketeers. Their damage is terrific and can smash a tower in a matter of seconds. Pairing them with the PEKKA will provide a very nice combo. Be aware in those Fireballs. A high-level one can annihilate them in one shot.

Pekka. This troop does not only possess high HP. He also carries an outstanding damage that can slice anything in half. Though she walks quite slow, that buys you time to prepare for her support behind to hit and get that tower.

Dark Prince. His splash damage will help your PEKKA reach her goal in the game. Using this black armored guy against any ground attackers will surely help you out in providing more support in-game. With a 4-elixir cost card, any incoming troops will have difficulty in reaching your lair.

Princess. Make use of her range by dropping in the right spot where her help is being sought. This legendary card might be hard to obtain but it's all worth the wait. Once you got her, she will save you as much as she can. Be careful in any spell cards for this girl can be knocked down in a single blow. Possible alternative: Arrows.

Spear Goblins. A very versatile card that can be summoned easily. With just only 2-elixir card cost, their damage is noticeable. They can help knock down beefy tanks.

Skeletons & Goblins. They work well against tanks and Hog Riders. Skeletons and Goblins can also be used as a distraction. They can snatch the attention of any approaching troops that will try to destroy one of your towers.

Freeze Spell. Use this for an ultimate push. Timing is essential in utilizing this spell card. Try to cover all the counter troops near its range to allow your troops to freely attack something near their end. Freeze spell can also be used in defending.

Deck Strategy:

In the first minute of the game, drop your PEKKA if you have it in your hands. Support it with the Three Musketeers afterwards. However, if your enemy chooses to play the opposite lane by dropping a Hog Rider or any set of troops, let your PEKKA run alone and carefully drop your Three Musketeers where the push is happening. By this, a big chance will be given to your Pekka to reach the opponent's tower. Support it with the Goblins and Skeletons. This can somehow divert the attention of the crown tower to them. Ultimately, that will give extra time for your main attacker to cast blows. If the enemy tries to kill your PEKKA while pushing, drop the Freeze Spell to cancel them.

By this time, your Three Musketeers must have defended successfully the lane being pushed by your enemy. Also, there is a big chance that your PEKKA's squad is now heading to the enemy's King's Tower in the second minute of the game. Your Dark Prince will be in charge in killing any other troops while defending, and your Princess will focus on either air or ground troops.

Giving that you wrecked a single tower already, once the game reaches the 60-second mark, try to control the game by defending your base and constantly dropping troops in the center of your opponent's. By this, they will be pressured and confused on how they will deal and snatch a tower on your base.

Deck Weakness:

The deck will have a slight trouble in dealing with the Minion Horde, Goblin Barrel and/or the Skeleton King. Once your Princess is down, sneaky players will then use their Minion Horde. This will be trouble especially if you just use 9 elixirs for the Three Musketeers. As seen in the video, the Giant Skeleton made a really annoying entrance to the clasher's lair forcing the player to focus and kill that big beefy tank ahead.

The Goblin Barrel can do a lot of damage if ever that your crown tower locked its focus on a beefy tank ahead. This means the Gobs can blow up your tower freely. We recommend you to analyze first the opponent's deck before dropping all the available cards you have to prevent this kind of situation.

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Source: GAMINGwithMOLT

This deck might be risky but giving it a shot will let you explore new things further within the game. Given the fact that it will need a lot of elixir for just two cards might give a wrong impression for the players to utilize this. But enough practice might give you a big advantage in the highest league for only a few uses this kind of cards in a single deck.

Special thanks to MOLT for sharing this deck! 


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