Here's a good deck that lets you push for trophies without having to spend real money.


Clash Royale is a free-to-play game. As such, it does not require you to buy gems to obtain gold. Of course, this gold will be used to buy chests or whatever cards are in the shop.

But if you really don't want to buy anything, Sinriel posted his deck on the forum that slow pushed him to Arena 6! He is also F2P (Free To Play). Since we want you to save some buck and win games, we'll share it here too!


This deck has an average of 3.6 Elixir cost and is pretty well rounded. The best thing about it is you usually get the cards right away on the chests that you get as they are mostly common cards

Since the cards are pretty popular on chests, they will be upgraded right away and become stronger. 

The Slowpush Deck:

Prince Baby Dragon Barbarians Arrows
Prince Baby Dragon Barbarians Arrows
Skeletons Musketeer Spear Goblins Giant
Skeletons Musketeer Spear Goblins Giant

Card Roles:

  • Arrows - Main artillery against spawns like Skeleton Armies and Minion Hordes.
  • Baby Dragon - Your flying tanker. With enough HP on him, he can be an alternate meatshield. He can also do damage against Minions and Skeleton Army. (I use him to counter X-Bows and Bomb Towers too)
  • Barbarians - They are your anti-Prince guards. Once you noticed that your opponent is dropping a Prince, put them directly on his path. They work against Hog Riders too.
  • Giant - This big tanker is well equipped with a big HP and will surely protect any troop behind him.
  • Musketeer - You can use her for pushing. Put her behind your Giant and watch her fire away on low HP troops including Minions, Goblins, and Spear Goblins. She might even have enough HP to bring down a tower.
  • Prince - For a 5-elixir troop, you have to think twice before you use the Prince. He can definitely do a lot of pushing with his damage power if you place him at the right spot - at the back of your Giant, and have your support troops ready too, so your Prince can infiltrate the tower!
  • Skeletons - They can be a menace if they are left unattended. They can bring down a Prince's HP insignificantly. Giving you a 4 Elixir advantage since Princes costs 5 and Skeletons 1.
  • Spear Goblins - Your support or defense card. They can shoot down flying Balloons, Baby Dragons, Minions, and can fight back to support your pushing!

Battle Strategy:

Have a little patience and wait until your Elixir is at max. Once it is, drop your Giant at the back of your Crown Tower. After he reaches the bridge, pull out your Musketeer for added support since your opponent will drop down defense troop on that lane too. Make sure you put your support at your Giant's back. If you did it right, you might win your first Crown.

During the middle of the game, you must already have an idea what cards are on your opponent's hand. Make sure to drop your Prince to do a Crown Push. You have to have enough Elixirs to do this because you will be needing a tanker and support. If you're quite sure your opponent doesn't have any Prince or Hog Riders, you can use your Barbarians for pushing too!

At the 60 second mark, everything goes here. If you have a tower each, make sure to leave enough Elixirs because we will be all out here. Pull out your Giant, back it up with the Musketeer, and push it with the Prince! You can use your Spear Goblins for additional support or you can leave them for any surprise attack at your home base. Make sure you leave your Barbarians for any high HP troop or any high damage troop against your towers. If you're sure your opponent is focused on his side of the Arena, use your Barbs for offense and we are sure you'll win the last crown!


The weakness will be Hut Decks or Spawners, since the only splash damage card that we have here is the Baby Dragon and the deck is not equipped with a Fireball.

If that happens, make sure to push towards the other lane where the huts are not planted.

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In Closing:

To spend your hard earned money on a mobile game is really something. You might be a thrifty gamer who just wants to play the game for free and think of ways on how to defeat it, or you're the type of gamer who wants to spend a lot of cash just to get something fast or have a little edge. But to be honest, it is a game to give us entertainment and not stress about it. 

Are you a thrifty gamer? or a big money spender of a gamer? Let us know how it is working out for you in the comment section!


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