The Minions can provide the air support that you desperately need.


Since many Clash Royale players focus on ground troops and disregard air space, the Minions are great to fill out the sky with only 3 Elixirs. They can target land units freely or battle aerial troops such as Balloons, Dragons, and other Minions.


The Minions are like the equivalent of Spear Goblins on air with the same 3 Elixir count. They're the best in countering any land troops since they can not reach troops in the air. Unless they're ranged, that's a different story.

The Minions Deck:

Mini P.E.K.K.A Musketeer Giant Baby Dragon
mini_PEKKA.png musketeer.png giant.png baby_dragon.png
Arrows Spear Goblins Skeleton Army Minions
arrows.png spear_goblins.png skeleton_army.png minions.png

Card Roles:

Minions: Can attack land troops without being damaged, since they can't reach them.

Arrows: The Arrows are good against low HP enemy troops.

Baby Dragon: Because Also good against ground and swarm troops. 

Giant: WThe tanker that will slowly push on one lane. It must be supported by other troops behind.

Mini P.E.K.K.A.: If left unattended, the Mini Pekka can deal great damage to any opposing troops.

Musketeer: Her range and firepower will bring down any troop on her path.

Skeleton Army: This is your main defense against the likes of the Prince and Giants

Spear Goblins: Additional ranged units for bother ground and air support.

Deck Strength:

This is a light deck that cost an average of 3.6 elixirs. You don't need to wait for a lot of elixirs for you to be able to put down any card. This Minion Deck can help for a fast-paced game, continuously letting you cycle cards. Additionally, the deck can cover for ground and air attacks.

Minion Deck Strategy:

Having a 3.6 Elixir cost doesn't mean you have to take the risk and put down cards right away. Wait for your Elixir to fill up and drop down your tanker behind or beside your Crown Towers. Before reaching the bridge, deploy the Mini Pekka. Just in case your opponent also put down a Giant on the other lane, pull out your Skeleton Army or even your Minion to punish him in try to push towards your lane. Minions and Baby Dragons can attack at the same time too, so make sure that Baby Dragons are in front of your Minions to act like a tanker and draw the attention towards him. Spear Goblins and Musketeer are there to guard your Minions and Baby Dragons while they're too busy cutting down troops via air and land.

Deck Weakness:

The weakness that I can see on this Minion Deck is that it is lacking splash damage troops like a Bomber to counter Spams/Huts. Once you've used your Arrows in annihilating Skeleton Armies you only have to rely on your Baby Dragon to trim down excess opponent troops. Baby Dragons are usually the favorite targets of Spear Goblins so you better catch their attention away from your only source of splash damage.

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Overall, Minions are not just a flying low HP troop. They are more than that. They can definitely counter the most popular card - Prince and not get any scratch on them. If you'll just put the right tanker and wait for the perfect timing, they can become a valuable part of your deck.


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