Don't have a Dragon or Prince card up until this moment? How about trying this swarm deck, Chief?


It is an advantage to own two huts we all know can spam a single lane effortlessly. But with a great number of troops, comes a great elixir cost for every card. Wait, did I hear this kind of line somewhere in the past? Well, going back, in this article, we will introduce a swarm deck that can help you reach higher arenas but with patience.



This set might not be an elixir friendly deck but can help you in the long run for the game. Spamming a single lane will be a good plan through the help of your Giant that can walk like a boss in the other lane, while supporting him with any of your available cards behind. By doing this, you are making a dual push - giving your opponent a hard time.

The Goblin Barrel + Huts Deck

Goblin Barrel Goblin Hut Barbarian Hut Giant
goblin_barrel.png goblin_hut.png barbarian_hut.png giant.png
Minion Horde Spear Goblins Witch Fireball
minion_horde.png spear_goblins.png witch.png fireball.png

Card Roles

Goblin Hut. Spear Goblins at its best. Pair them with a bunch of Barbarians from the Barbarian Hut and watch how they will destroy anything in sight. Fireball. Swarm killer. Can also be used in opponent’s huts to minimize their production. Minion Horde. Untouchable by ground troops. Best card to kill mighty tanks like Giant and Skeleton King. Can also deal easily to heavy damagers like Pekka, Prince, Hog Rider and Musketeer! Witch. A splash damager either on air or on the ground. Pair her with a Giant or Barbs so she can last longer. Spear Goblin. Cheap and effective. The spear goblin can buy you time if you want to defend your towers when you ran out of elixir. Giant. Soak ‘em all. Super tank in early arenas.  Goblin Barrel. Sneaky with a very great damage. Be careful in dropping them. Barbarian Hut. Barbs all the way! This can also be a distraction for tank type cards same as the Goblin Hut.

Battle Strategy

Drop the Goblin Hut at the back of your Tower. Wait for the opponent’s move. If they attacked you in the opposite lane, try to defend it by dropping some Spear Goblins or a Witch.  Always partner your Goblin Hut to your Barbarian Hut. It is fine to put them together at the back of your tower but also be wary that some players drop a Rocket or Fireball in your huts. If they have those kinds of move, put them in a separate place but still on the same lane. If being swarmed with ground troops, it is best to drop a Witch or a Minion Horde. Wait for them to almost reach your tower before you drop any of these two. If successful, you can wait for your elixir to pump up so you can able to drop your Giant and make a push. If your Giant is being targeted, make sure to get ready your Fireball. The Witch can kill any swarm troops ahead of your Giant, but sometimes the other party will kill your Witch first before your tank troop. You can use a Goblin Barrel to trick your opponent. Usually, I consider it as my trump card and just throw it before a few seconds in an ending game. Though this is situational, just try if you can hold it up to the last part of the game. Sometimes you need to use this barrel to defend. At the last minute of the game, this will make you feel super because elixir loads twice as fast as before. Due to the big elixir cost of this deck, this is the only time you can use them in full extent. Always be wary when dropping cards for they cost a lot.

Deck Weakness

As you will see, this deck can be considered as a ‘risky’ deck. With an average elixir cost of 4.6, dropping your cards without thinking thoroughly can make you fall in the pit of despair. Almost all of the cards are expensive, so you must think twice before making a move. If ever you faced an opponent that likes to rush in the first two minutes of the game, then it will be real hard to defend but once you reach the last minute, that is the chance where you can spam all the way and counter every move of your enemy. Patience, Chief!

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In Closing

Though this deck might not be advisable without upgrading those cards needed, once you grasp the use of this deck, this will definitely bring you to victory in the future battles. Go ahead and try! Do you have any reactions or suggestions about this deck? Leave it in our comment section below!


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