You don't need to change your style or you don't have to buy cards on the shop. This deck is a win until you reach Arena 7.


GotSodium shared his deck on the Supercell forums on how he used his Arena 4 deck climb to Arena 7! Without spending a single money on this game, he shows us how to maximize your Arena 4 deck to conquer the world of Arenas 5 and 6 and land on Arena 7! And of course, we will share it with you as well.


Being familiar with the cards you use can be a strength. In this way, you already know how much elixir it will cost, what damage it will make, and what will counter that troop. Since these troops are from Arena 4 and will be with you until Arena 7, this will ensure a bond with your units and this might end up as one of your favorites too!

With a 3.4 average elixir cost, this deck is really cheap so you can deploy, deploy, and deploy! Don't forget to leave some for defense.

Arena 4 Deck:

Arrows Fireball Tombstone Tesla
arrows.png fireball.png tombstone.png tesla.png
Spear Goblins Goblins Prince Baby Dragon
spear_goblins.png goblins.png prince.png baby_dragon.png

Card Roles:

  • Arrows & Fireball - Great in countering swarms and group troops such as Minion Hordes, Barbarians, Skeleton Army, even a handful of Spear Gobs!
  • Baby Dragon - A support for your Prince, he will take down any countercard against your main pushing unit!
  • Goblins - Use to stop tower-locked troops such as the Giant and Hog Rider. For a 2-elixir card vs their 4/5 Elixir? You're already winning.
  • Prince - Your main-pushing troop. It can destroy buildings and Crown Towers in no time.
  • Tesla - This will be a defense for your Towers and also a decoy! If your opponent used a Fireball against this, you are already on a 3 elixir advantage! Use that to push towards his Crown Tower.
  • Tombstone - Partnered with your Tesla and best placed in front of it. Lure them with this building and bring them down with the Tesla!

Battle Strategy:

Since you don't have enough tankers on this deck you want to start on defense. You don't need to rush things this time. When you've reached max Elixir, put down your Tombstone for 3 Elixirs in the middle of your arena and Tesla (4 Elixirs) at the back of the building. This will ensure that all troops coming in will be lured by the Tombstone and buzzed by the Tesla.

Slow and Steady during the mid game. Do not pull out your Prince card yet. Wait until you feel like your opponent already exhausted his saved elixir and then move! Place your Prince at your desired lane and put the Baby Dragon at his back to provide support just in case your enemy pulled out any counters.

At the 60-second mark, you probably done a lot of damage to one of his towers because of that Prince + Baby Dragon push, end it out by using your Fireball to finish the game. 


There are no tankers on this deck so timing is everything. You really have to know if your enemy's low on elixir before you push for an attack. A quick way to know if your enemy already used every last drop of it is when he pushed to one lane and pulled out a lot of troops, that's the time you go on offense! Another weakness will be Hog Rider + Freeze deck since they might do that with your Tesla + Tombstone combo and you're left nothing but your Crown Towers, you can use your Fireball on the Hog Rider, just make sure you aim it right.

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In Closing:

The decks that usually work until you reach higher Arenas might be your bread and butter. You might want to make that your first choice of deck since it's formula is working. This time GotSodium shared his Arena 4 deck that helped him reach Arena 7 and we shared it to you too!

Do you also have that kind of deck? Tell us more about it, we'd love to know!


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