Time to look back and upgrade your common cards, it might give you the push you need to reach the Royal Arena!


Getting new cards in new Clash Royale arenas can be exhilarating and rewarding at the same time. But what about the common cards that helped you climb to higher arenas?

Don't disregard them yet. This Redditor, lyingroyale, used his level 7 commons and helped him land on Arena 7 with 2600+ trophies to boast!


Since most of these cards are commons, for sure you've used them before on your way up. So familiarization will be one of its strength.

This is a control deck. This means the strength lies when you successfully defend and dry out your enemy's elixir - the perfect time to make the push.

Level 7 Commons Deck:

Barbarians Prince Wizard Minion Horde
Barbarians Prince Wizard Minion Horde
Cannon Rocket Zap Spear Goblins
Cannon Rocket Zap Spear Goblins

Card Roles:

Barbarians: Main defense against tanky troops and high DPS (damage per second) units.

Cannon: Can lure troops right in the middle of your base so both of your towers can arrow them down. They can also do great damage to incoming units.

Minion Horde: Made against high HP ground troops. They can cut them to pieces in no time!

Prince: Use him to win over Crowns! With his ability to charge, he can definitely bring down that tower alone.

Rocket: Great for eliminating a massive push like a P.E.K.K.A., Wizard, Musketeer. It will give you an elixir advantage too!

Spear Goblins: With just 2 elixirs, use them to start the game and know the cards on your opponent's hand. They can also support and defend as well.

Wizard: His spell casting with AoE are the best against Skeletons and Barbarians. With his range and good amount of DPS, he can also be used offensively. 

Zap: A cheaper Arrow Spell card with a chance to stun the enemy's troop. Great in removing low HP troops crowding the path of your Prince.

Battle Strategy:

The usual waiting at the start of the game to max the elixir. Once at full, drop your Spear Gobs at the back of your Tower together with a Wizard to take a peek on what your enemy's holding. If you see that the coast is clear for your Prince, now's the time to do your first push (You can add your Minions too if you have enough elixirs). Your Spear Gobs + Wiz has already cleared the path and attacking on the Tower anyway.

Countering your enemy's push during the mid game after you've taken their tower: If your opponent decide's to push using the P.E.K.K.A. + Double Prince place your Cannon in the middle to lure them and your Barbs behind them to make them walk back a bit and be a target to your Cannon. If they tried the Balloon + Freeze, place your Minions outside the Freeze Spell and add the Wiz for higher damage.

Since this is a control deck, watch how your opponent plays the game. If they overextended, punish them with a Rocket for an Elixir advantage and do a Prince + Minions push to win the game!


Since this deck covers ground and air troops, the only weakness will be patience. You have to wait until your opponent exhausted his elixir pool before you do a push. Always try to calculate or see if he is over reaching or doing it with a massive push. Remember you have a Rocket with you so if he spent around 17 Elixirs in one massive push, destroy it with a Rocket (6 elixirs) and your pre-planted Cannon will do the rest.

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Hello guys. I'm **lyingroyale** and I'm back again with another deck but a very similar one to the...

Thank you lyingrole for this extremely detailed deck. We hope you hold on that 2600+ trophies of yours mate!


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