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Yes! You read it right, Chief! Check how awesome this deck defeats high level players in the highest arena in Clash Royale universe.


The deck might look normal, but believe it or not, this is the exact cards that made a level 6 player reached the Legendary Arena. Check how he utilized the cards harmoniously defeating high level clashers in the highest arena in Clash Royale today.


Deck Strength:

This deck consists troops that can be found as late as Arena 6. With the perfect blending of cards, it can surely stop any kind of attack that you may experience in any battles. With the help of the Elixir Collector, your troops will be available in no time. In terms of offense, the Hog + Freeze will do the major damage and will be supported accordingly. While in defense, the Inferno Tower will be in charge administering the time you will need to focus more on offense.

Hog Freeze + Ice Wizard Deck For Arena 6 & Above:

Hog Rider Freeze Ice Wizard Inferno Tower
hog_rider.png freeze.png ice_wizard.png inferno_tower.png
Spear Goblins Goblins Elixir Collector Fireball
spear_goblins.png goblins.png elixir_collector.png fireball.png

Card Roles:

Hog Rider. The star of this deck. He will be in charge of doing the major damage against a tower. Make sure to pair him with the Freeze Spell to extend the damage that he can provide. Help him with some Goblins along the way if needed.

Freeze Spell. Utilize this spell card in a timely manner for its full usage. You can also use this as a defensive card if the situation asked for it.

Ice Wizard. The main support for any kind of circumstances during the game. Its own attack might be weak, but can buy you enough time to counter any incoming troops. You can turn him from a defensive type of card into an offensive one once you successfully defended your crown tower.

Inferno Tower. Used against beefy tanks like PEKKA, Golem or Giant. Its damage over time make it useful especially in the higher arenas.

Spear Goblins. This cheap elixir cost card will help your Hog Rider or Ice Wizard to weaken any hindrance in front. With its ability to attack any air units make it essential in this deck.

Goblins. Can be used as a distraction or against any kind of unsupported troops. Can also provide a lot of damage in a tower if left ignored.

Elixir Collector. The additional elixir that it provides and a substitute defensive structure made this card as important. Place it wisely.

Fireball. It can wreck any incoming troops in just a flick. A great counter for an offensive move in the game. Can also be used to help your Hog Rider make additional smashes in a specific tower.

Battle Strategy:

Drop your Elixir Collector in front of your King Tower and prepare for defense. Usually, if you dropped an Elixir Collector at the start of a game, your opponent will make an all out offensive move. Drop your Ice Wizard and Spear Goblins in different sides of your crown tower to avoid any incoming spell cards. This move will let you defend and is effective against swarm troops.

If a Hog Rider combo is incoming you can also use your Inferno Tower. This card can somehow stop them from going directly to your tower. 

If successfully defended, use your Ice Wizard + Spear Goblins support by dropping your Hog Rider in front of them. Try to perform the Hog + Freeze afterwards. To stop any counter, drop your Fireball on those troops to quickly annihilate them. While performing the moves above, occasionally drop your Elixir Collector to provide additional elixir. Continue this move until you wreck a tower.

In the last minute of the game, defend your towers properly to secure victory once you demolished an opponent’s tower. This kind of deck is perfect for a single-crown victory.

Deck Weakness:

This deck might get a difficulty in dealing with a lot of building cards on a single deck. There are chances that you can deal with those buildings by utilizing your Hog Rider. But you can only make their HPs low. A deck with a Rocket will bring you a problem in gaining extra elixir, as well. If these kind of situations has been met, try to play a defensive strategy and try to make a pressure to distract your opponent's combo.

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Source: Ash - Clash of Clans & Clash Royale

It really needs a lot of patience and wit to bring yourself in the highest arena in the Clash Royale universe. Being a low level player, bigger challenges awaits and bagging trophies will be hard. But everything is possible, if you play harder than any normal players.


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