This deck will surely give you a winning spree since the strategy of this deck is to confuse your enemy.


This deck is from TheBarns, who shared it on Reddit. I tried it out myself and it sure is winning me crowns one after the other. Feel free to try it too.


The major strength of this deck is the perfect blending of all of them. The deck can be offensive and defensive at the same time if played well. Controlling each wave will be easier due to lots of counter cards inside.

The deck:

Spear Goblins Fireball Prince Baby Dragon
spear_goblins.png fireball.png prince.png baby_dragon.png
Musketeer Tombstone Barbarians Arrows
musketeer.png tombstone.png barbarians.png arrows.png

Card Roles:

Arrows: Great against Skeleton Armies, Minion Hordes, and other low HP troops. Can be replaced by Zap for a cheaper and more powerful alternative.

Baby Dragon: With its splash damage, it can counter incoming Barbs and other low HP troops. It can also eliminate Minion Hordes and buildings.

Barbarians: They will be your openers to trick your opponent that you're rushing in for a push. Can be replaced by a high-level Hog Rider for the same purpose.

Fireball: You can use this against Barbs and other tanky troops. It can also be used as a game-ender to claim a low HP tower.

Musketeer: Because of her firepower and range, she can definitely counter any flying troop like Baby Dragons and Balloons.

Prince: You second pushing unit. He can destroy a tower fast if left alone.

Spear Goblins: If you don't have the Prince or Barbs on your hand at the start of the game, you can use them as an alternative and continue with the split push. They can also be your defense against air units and a support for your Prince.

Tombstone: This Skeleton spawner can distract any troop that will give you a chance to kill them.

Battle Strategy:

At the start of the game wait until you have max elixirs before you deploy anything. Once it is at full, deploy your Barbs at the back of your Crown Tower. Wait until they work themselves towards your enemy's Crown Tower. Your enemy will for sure counter it with a bunch of troops thus spending his elixir. This is your time for the split attack! Put your Prince on the other lane, on the bridge so your opponent won't have any time to replenish his elixirs. You can support it with your Spear Gobs. You can go straight to the King Tower if they still have a decent amount of HP. Feel free to deploy troops as an additional push for your fast three crown win!

During the mid-game, play with your opponent by still pushing with the Barbs but this time, put some support at the back like a Musketeer or Spear Gobs to make it seem like you're doing a one big push. And drop your Prince again on the other lane. You can start by pushing with your Baby Dragon this time so you will have a tanker.

On the 60-second crunch time, check if you still can do a split push. Alternatively, you can go ahead and do a one big push to one lane to finish the game with 3 crowns. Remember you can do split push and do a moderate amount of damage to his towers since you're equipped with a Fireball to finish it before the time ends!

You can put the Tombstone as a defensive building in front of your towers.


Because of the lack of anti aerial troops (Spear Gobs supporting your main troops), this deck is susceptible to Balloons! If your opponent used a Balloon against you, drop your Spear Goblins right away and your Musketeer so before it hits your Tower it will be long gone. You can also try burning it with a Fireball, just make sure you time it right!

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Hi, this is my first post so I hope everything works as intended. First of all a few notes I would like to make: I've reached A7 the first...

Special thanks to Redditor Thabarns for sharing this deck!


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