You can easily push your way to Clash Royale's Arena 4 with this cheap swarm deck. With just 3.5 elixirs you will be able to swarm the field wit troops.

When most players make their Clash Royale decks, they add a lot of epic expensive cards thinking it will win them the game. But having cheap cards in your deck can be as deadly as having a deck full of epic cards. This cheap swarm deck will show you just how good cheap decks can be in Arena 4, an arena full of Hogs and Minions alike.


Since the deck uses many cheap cards, you will be able to cycle through your cards quickly. Furthermore, you will be able to get that one card that you need to counter your enemy. You will always be able to drop some troop to defend or attack, while the other expensive cards that your opponent has won't be dropped because they have to wait for the elixir to fill.

3.5 Elixir Swarm Deck:

Skeletons Goblins Minions Barbarians
skeletons.png goblins.png minions.png barbarians.png
Tombstone Goblin Hut Barbarian Hut Spear Goblins
tombstone.png goblin_hut.png barbarian_hut.png spear_goblins.png

Card Roles:

Barbarian Hut - One of the spawners you will use. Spawns 2 strong barbarians.

Goblin Hut - The second spawner you will use to help the Barbarians flood the field.

Tombstone - The last spawner to aid in swarming the field, also serves as defense because once destroyed, 4 skeletons come out. The Tombstone is perfect for stopping the Prince.

Barbarians - Great for attack and defense. They can easily take down those high HP enemies or help in destroying enemy towers.

Spear Goblins - Cheap troops to help swarm the field or to aid in destroying pesky aerial enemy troops like Minions or Baby Dragon.

Minions - Another swarm helper like the Spear Goblins, they can aid in destroying aerial troops.

Goblins - Super cheap troop to aid in spawning or aid in defense.

Skeletons - The cheapest enemy in the game, these guys will probably be the first to die, but can be used as distractions, or they can be used to aid in the attack.

Battle Strategy:

At the start of the battle, wait for your elixirs to fill. Once they are at 9 and your enemy has not made a move, use one of your spawners to start the push. By then your opponent will probably start to make their move, so counter accordingly with as few elixirs as possible. If they send out a high HP monster like PEKKA or Giant, use your Barbarians or Spear Goblins. Save your troops that can attack the air just in case they have Baby Dragon or Minion Horde. Then plant your second spawner. Try to save Tombstone at the last just in case they have a Prince. You don't need to fully counter the enemy just severely weaken their troops and your tower will finish them off. You want to start dropping as much huts as possible, but keep some elixirs for countering. 

At the 2nd minute of the match, your huts will have started to flood the field, your opponent is probably using whatever few elixirs they can get to counter your swarm, but it will already have been too late because the sheer number of weak troops will destroy any enemy they send. They will probably try to attack your other tower, but just drop 1 troop to weaken their monster and let the tower finish them off.

About 2x elixirs time, you can really spam the field with your huts. By this time, you can use your other troops to defend your other towers while you keep dropping huts. If the other side looks like it's in trouble, you can drop a Tombstone to aid in the defense. Their field will be full of weak HP monsters destroying their towers.

Clash Royale 3.5 Elixir Deck Common & Spawner CARD 3 Crown WIN


The Obvious weakness to this deck is Arrows. Arrows can clear a large area of your low HP troops.

In the beginning splash damagers like Baby Dragon, Wizard, or Witch can provide a challenge, but given time the swarm will eventually destroy them. Fireball and Rocket can really hurt this deck because they hit hard with a big area of damage. The Rocket is even capable of destroying your hut in 1 shot. This deck will probably lose it your opponent has many of these cards in their deck. Most opponents will have Arrows and Baby Dragon so be careful.

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Well there you have it folks, cheap decks are definitely going to make a comeback. Not only will these cheap decks let you cycle through your deck quickly, but you will always have the one card you need to counter your enemy. Do not underestimate these cheap Clash Royale decks, particularly in Arena 4.