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An Elixir Advantage can make or break any game in a snap. This cheap 3.1 Elixir Deck will give you crowns you never imagined.


With the usual heavy elixir eaters like P.E.K.K.A, Giant Skeleton, and Rockets swarming Arena 5, having an Elixir Advantage can give you an edge on this arena. 

With just down to 3.1 Average Elixir cost on this deck, you will surely win the game fast and with all three crowns in no time. This of course will depend on your strategy, which you can fix as this deck lets you cycle immediately.


The low elixir cards on this deck is surely its strength. While your opponent is waiting for his elixir to fill up or at least hit a mark, you are already on your way pushing for a crown. Not only do a fast push but you can also whip out a card to do defense in a matter of seconds.

You will be using the cards you've used before in Arena 1 - 3, like the Prince, Baby Dragon, and the classic Goblin! For sure the familiarity will be there.

3.1 Elixir Deck:

Goblins Spear Goblins Skeletons Hog Rider
goblins.png spear_goblins.png skeletons.png hog_rider.png
Prince Zap Baby Dragon Minion Horde
prince.png zap.png baby_dragon.png minion_horde.png

Card Roles:

Baby Dragon: He will serve as your flying tanker and he will also provide splash damage against group troops and swarms.

Goblins: This cheap trio can destroy any tower if they are left alone.

Hog Rider: With his fast and super strength. Any tower or building are no match for him.

Minion Horde: Great against group troops too like Barbarians.

Prince: Aside from the Hog Rider, he can also do a lot of damages against any tower or building. He can also attack any incoming troop.

Skeletons: A great distraction to any incoming P.E.K.K.A. or Prince. Since they only cost 1 Elixir, you can also use them to test the water - to check what your opponent brought to the table.

Spear Goblins: These ranged Goblins can bring down any Balloons or Baby Dragons as long as they're not targeted. 

Zap: A spell that will work good against group troops, single target units such as Princes or even topple down a tower!

Battle Strategy:

Wait until you have max Elixir before you deploy any troop. This will make sure you have troops for any defense play. At the start of the game. pull out your Skeletons on your preferred lane and see what your opponent has brought to the table. You can also start with your push by having your Baby Dragon and Prince/Hog Rider on your chosen lane. Back them up with Spear Goblins for support.

At the 2-minute mark or mid game, just when things heat up, still do some pushing with your Baby Dragon tank with a Hog Rider or Prince on your preferred lane. Destroy any counter troops he has by using a 2-Elixir Zap Spell or your Goblins. Always remember you have fast and cheap troops to deploy anytime!

At the last minute, make sure you have enough Elixir to push on that final King tower or crown tower to bag the game! You can mix your Hog Rider with a bunch of Minion Horde for the win. If you have a little extra, use the Prince at the back to do more pushing and watch until your enemy crams to counter each of them.

Remember you have low elixir troops that can be destroyed in a flash, so time the placing correctly and effectively!


Minion Hordes or any Swarm troops like the Skeleton Army can be a nuisance on this deck. This is because it lacks splash damage cards like Bombers, Bomb Tower, Arrows. You can change your Skeletons with Arrows for more defense against them. If you still want to use the original deck, you can counter them by placing the Baby Dragon on top of them, making sure he's locked on to the army. Your own Minion Horde can also do defense against their own but since they have low HP it will look like you just had an elixir trade so back them up with Spear Goblins.

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Choosing if you want to have a cheap deck or a heavy deck is clearly up to you. Whatever works out. Some decks might not work, or some decks might push you straight to another arena. That is why in the game, you can save up to 3 decks! And this deck with 3.1 Average Elixir count is definitely something to try out since it's cost is really small compared to the usual Arena 5 players.

Try it out and tell us what happened to your journey to Arena 6. Cheers for more crowns!


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