This Bomb Tower Deck is highly effective against the Skeleton Army and other spawn troops that are trying to halt your push.


Arena 3 - Barbarian Bowl, the home of Spawner/Spammer Decks. Probably the best way to do defense against your Crown Towers will be a Bomb Tower in between.

In this Bomb Tower deck, we will let you know what cards to use and put in your deck to give you the most well rounded strategy against the irritating spawners and hordes.


The Bomb Tower is a great way to reduce swarms that are on their way to your Crown Towers. Of course, not just swarms but any troop that crosses the river if you place it correctly.

The Bomb Tower Deck:

Barbarians Goblin Hut Arrows Giant
barbarians.png goblin_hut.png arrows.png giant.png
Valkyrie Musketeer Baby Dragon Bomb Tower
valkyrie.png musketeer.png baby_dragon.png bomb_tower.png

Card Roles:

Bomb Tower- This will destroy low HP troops and horde that come its way. It has a lifespan of a minute to guard your Crown Towers out of harm's way.

Arrows- Another card that can dismiss any low HP troops.

Baby Dragon- With his splash damage attack, any group of troops like Goblins, Archers, even Barbarians will receive serious damage.

Barbarians- Your main card for against counterpush.

Giant- Due to his high HP, the Giant takes his tanker role seriously. Match him with a Musketeer, a Valkyrie, or a Baby Dragon.

Goblins- For 2 Elixirs, these 3 Goblins can provide offensive support.

Musketeer- A high-level Musketeer can take down a wide number of troops bit by bit.

Valkyrie- The Valkyrie can take care of the Skeleton Army or a group of low HP troops that are bound to attack the Giant.

Deck Strength:

The Bomb Tower is the perfect card for defeating spawn of low-HP troops. Examples of which are the Skeleton Army and Spear Goblins. It will clear the path for your offense to push. Also, if you follow this deck, the Bomb Tower can be a huge help for your Giant. Because of its presence, the Giant will start getting damage only from the tower.

Bomb Tower Deck Strategy:

When you have enough elixir, deploy the Musketeer to cover your troops against an aerial defense.  You can also try putting the Bomb Tower in the middle of the Arena. Make sure it's a tile or two in front of your towers so it will distract incoming units and pull out bombs before they reach your Crown Towers. Barbarians, Goblins, and Arrows are there just in case the other player starts pushing on your lane. Be reminded though that the Bomb Towers only have a lifespan of 1 minute.


Deck Weakness:

If you pull out the Bomb Tower, the usual counter for that will be Minions. Bomb Towers are blind against aerial troops. Arrows are the best option for any aerial attack, with the exception of the Baby Dragon that has high HP.

Just in case you weren't able to draw a Giant in the first four cards, stick with a Valkyrie. <ake sure you put her at the back of your King Tower so you'll have time to generate Elixirs and draw a Giant card to push your way to the top.

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With Arena 3 having a lot of spawn decks, perhaps its ultimate counter is none other than the Valkyrie.

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How To Counter The Bomb Tower in Arenas 3 to 5!


The Bomb Tower may look very threatening from afar. However, with the right counter strategies, you can outsmart it.

Watch out for these cards for they will be the reasons why your Bomb Tower can get destroyed immediately.

Defensive Deck Strategy


So we bring you some great reviews, tips and how to’s in the past articles. How about we introduce you the defensive-type cards or what we called the Building Cards.

With defensive decks, the key is to make sure your opponent does not reach your towers. The Bomb Tower will take care of spawn troops while the other buildings can take care of the rest.

As they say, a good defense is a good offense. If executed properly, your troops can push forward with the help of the Bomb Tower taking care of spawns. Just be wary of flying troops, always prepare your arrows for you will never know when to need them.


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