Clash Royale's Arena 3 and 4 showcase players that run different plays and strategies.  You will never know what to expect. If you're unlucky, you'd even get beaten more than 10 times in a row and find yourself hanging on to the edge of Arena 3. The Witch, together with the skeletons that she can summon every 3 seconds, shall provide you ranged splash damage attacks both in the air and on the ground. Her attacks, depending on the timing, may be of offense and defense (such versatility).


The witch can simultaneously attack air and ground troops. Her skeletons can become a shield to protect her, or can become a swarm when ignored. Alternatively, she is good against swarms because of her area damage. Also, she can be a great support when paired behind high hitpoints troops. In this way, she will have time to summon her skeletons.

The Witch Deck for Arena 3 and 4:

Witch Giant Arrows Bomber
witch.png giant.png arrows.png bomber.png
Bomb Tower Musketeer Spear Goblins Minions
bomb_tower.png musketeer.png spear_goblins.png minions.png

Card Roles:

  • Minions- A great offense card because they can attack both air and ground targets. They are also cheap to deploy with just 3 elixirs. They are recommended to be used against a Bomb Tower or tanks like the Giant, Prince or Pekka.
  • Spear Goblins- Used as a defense card since it costs not much while having the ability to strike air and ground targets from a short distance. The Spear Goblins' attack may get better as its level gets higher, so it's a good choice to level this card up.
  • Bomb Tower- Can be used for defense. If in the beginning you'd get this card, deploy it immediately. It will distract any enemies as they target your bomb tower for several seconds
  • Bomber- A strong companion to your Giant tank though it can't target air troops
  • Arrows- Great for defense since it can take out a skeleton army that swarms your Giant
  • Giant- This should be used as the main troop that will target the opponent towers since it has high health and can last long.
  • Witch- Can be offense or defense as she can strike solid blows against air and ground troops while enduring swarm attackers like goblins and skeleton armies. It should be in an offensive pair with the Giant as it can stop swarm attackers like the skeleton army.
  • Musketeer- Shall be the main defense (and support offense) on your play because of its great range. It should be deployed whenever your Giant and Witch is in bad shape on pushing through the other side. It shall be the main attacker for when they successfully get rid of the troops against their way.

Deck Strength:

This Deck is fairly effective in coping up with the players of Arena 3 and 4. This is because the chosen cards can provide support to each other and has only 3.8 average elixir. This can help you deploy faster than when your opponent showcases a lot more cards that are heavy on elixir. There can be a distraction while you deploy offensive attackers that can also be for defense.

Witch Deck Strategy:

If you get the Bomb Tower during the first shuffle, immediately deploy it. It can act as a distraction to the enemy, gaining you some extra time to save up elixirs.

Wait until you get your elixir full, then you can observe what the opponent lays on the ground. You can use the minions and the spear goblins as defense for when there are high hitpoints troops coming your way, especially when they can't hit air troops.

When you can afford to lay down the Giant card, do so. Wait until the opponent is trying to stop the Giant swarms or other defensive cards, then you can support it with the Witch. The Witch will defend your Giant, as it can't attack any troops. and also take the offense stand as it releases solid blows while the attackers are busy with the Giant. You can also add defensive measures by throwing on the Arrows especially when there are swarms on your Giant's way. You can also deploy the Musketeer to support from afar with a lot of damage. When you luckily get rid of the troops and has passed the bridge, the Musketeer can also do great damage to the towers.

Deck Weakness:

Obviously, this deck can be countered when the opponent has a lot of high HP troops, splash damage attackers, and swarms. In Arena 3 and 4, you can encounter a lot of swarm decks because sometimes success comes in numbers. Play defensively and push slowly when you encounter them.

Related Deck Strategies:

If you are stuck on Arena 3, this is another article that can help you analyze the situation. What types of decks do you usually lose to? What enemy troops don't have a counter play in your team?

The witch, when used properly in Clash Royale is one formidable opponent.

If you are having a hard time countering the witch, then maybe you are doing something wrong.


This deck can get you through many battles in Arena 3. It can help you cope up and level your strategy with the other players. But you can try and mix it up a bit, so you find something that will perfectly work in pushing for Arena 5.


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