With Arena 3 having a lot of spawn decks, perhaps its ultimate counter is none other than the Valkyrie.


In Arena 3, you can notice that a lot of players are using Hut cards - Goblin, Barbarian, even the Tombstone. A Valkyrie will be the best card to take it down. She swings her axe around. She gives out area damage that can cut Skeletons, Goblins, Barbarians like a lawn mower cuts through grass.


The Valkyrie is a force to be reckoned with in terms of battling swarms or spams. With a decent amount of HP, she can definitely take a hit while circling her ax around to cut down anything that comes to her way.

The Valkyrie Deck:

Arrows Spear Goblins Barbarians Musketeer
arrows.png spear_goblins.png barbarians.png musketeer.png
Witch Fireball Valkyrie Giant
witch.png fireball.png valkyrie.png giant.png

Card Roles:

Valkyrie: They didn't call this the Barbarian Bowl for nothing. Barbarians are everywhere in this Arena. What a better way to practice her swinging here.Aside from Barbarians, Huts are popular too. This card will be on it in no time.

Giant: This big boy with a high HP can be a tanker to your Valkyrie. You can also push with this one in front and Valkyrie at the back.

Barbarians: Since this is their Arena, you have to have Barbarians too. They are good with pushing. Put them at the back of your Giant + Valkyrie + Barbarian + Musketeer/Spear Goblin and you're on your way to victory, if pushing is possible. If not, you can make these four brutes as a defense on the other lane, while you're busy pushing on the other one.

Witch: With her ranged damage that can take down aerial and ground troop and spawns Skeleton, she has to be on the deck too. An addition to your pushing capability.

Musketeer & Spear Goblins: They are your anti-flying troops! They will surely bring down any aerial troop lurking around your turf.

Fireball & Arrows: If your Valkyrie's too busy pushing, these spell cards are here to be of service. It can puncture those little Skeletons like a balloon. Fireballs can also be the period in every game because you can aim it straight to an opponent's Crown Tower to win you the game.

Deck Strength:

Due to the popular use of Swarm or Spam Decks in Arena 3 - Barbarian Hut. Valkyries or other area damage troops are almost necessary for you to win the game - hving a Giant as your tanker and Valkyrie at his back. These two are like a match made in heaven in this Arena. The Barbarians are your defense card if the opponent chooses to attack your other tower and you can use the other card for pushing and ranged troops for dealing with aerial units.

Valkyrie Deck Strategy:

Save up on Elixirs because it will be needed in this Deck for a 4.1 Elixir Count. Wait until you're at max and pull out your Giant at the back of your tower. This way, it won't go out alone and you will have time to generate more Elixirs and put your Valkyrie behind him. This will surely take out any Huts/Goblins/Skeletons your opponent placed. Once they're already in the middle of the Arena, place your Musketeer or Witch behind them to shoot down any aerial troops and providing a little push. Spear Goblins are just an additional support at the back end. Hold off your Barbarians or Fireball just in case you need them on the other lane or any ranged troop. Your opponent might choose the opposite lane since you're busy pushing at the other. Arrows are there to help you weed out a lot of Spawns. Just in case you've run out of luck and didn't get any Giant at the start of the match, try to pull out any low elixir card and put it at the back of your King Tower while we wait until you have a tanker. You don't want to go out there alone or it will be crushed by your opponent's Crown Tower and his or her defense cards.

Deck Weakness:

This is a pretty balanced card with range and ground troops. The only weakness that I can see is this Deck doesn't have any aerial troop that can punish any opponent's ground unit. But this can definitely countered by your Barbarians and the Witch that hatches a bunch of Skeletons. As long as you have your Giant with you and his partners, you're good to go.

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A crowd of troops in front of her? No problem! The Valkyrie can certainly deal with them with just a thump of her weapon.

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To sum it all up, there are a lot of decks to try out. It really depends on which card you want to be the star or whatever favorite you have. On this one we focus on Valkyrie since she do area damage that can deal with swarms or spams that is really popular on Arena 3. Did it work out for you? Let us know in the comments section!


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