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The Raging Bandit Ram Deck for Arena 10

Let your Baby Dragon and Knight take the lead and clear the path for the Battle Ram. A great deck for pushing and counterpushing by DaRealLegend Of Gaming himself.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on April 24, 2017.
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Overview and Strength:

As the current meta revolves more on counter-pushing more than pushing itself, DaRealLegend Of Gaming created a deck that can help you do a successful counterpush with OP and fast troops without sacrificing the elixir count. Get to enjoy facing Elite Barbarians, Royal Giants, Furnace and more with this deck.

This deck uses the Baby Dragon's beefy HP and its AoE damage for the initial push. It can also be used as a counter-push. The Knight's ability to be a mini-tanker for a 3 elixir price is good together with the Baby Dragon. These two will clear the path for the dreaded Battle Ram to connect to your opponent's tower.

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The Raging Bandit Ram Deck:

Baby Dragon Bandit Battle Ram Knight
baby_dragon.png bandit.png Battle_Ram.png knight.png
LumberJack Minions Musketeer Ice Wizard
LumberJack.png minions.png musketeer.png ice_wizard.png

Card Roles:

  • Baby Dragon - Its great pool of HP and its AoE power, the Baby Dragon can act like your tanker and at the same time a great AoE support.
  • Bandit - The Bandit's ability to invincibly dash her way around foes and her fast speed is a great support for your deck.
  • Battle Ram - Your main tower destroyer. Its dashing combined with the two Barbarians is also great as a counter.
  • Knight - He is focused on only one goal, destroy a tower or a building.
  • LumberJack - He drops that Rage spell to make your units go into frenzy. You can put him at the back or in front.
  • Minions - They are your units to use against those flying tanks such as the Lava Hound, Inferno Dragon. They can also keep the Inferno Tower busy.
  • Musketeer - For just 4 elixirs, this musket wielding girl has a great fire power up her sleeves. She can chip in for a ranged tower damage or against flying units.
  • Ice Wizard - His AoE slowing damage is perfect against those pesky Skeleton Army. He can also help slowing down your foes while your other troops is busy countering them.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:


The ideal strategy of this deck is to start with the tanky Baby Dragon. Follow it up with a good mini tank the Knight. They will clear the path for your Battle Ram. After having all three in the arena. Support them with either your Bandit, LumberJack, Musketeer, Ice Wizard. Rinse and repeat.


Anzxkl.gif zmDog2.gif

Start with your Baby Dragon and let down the Knight. If you have your Battle Ram with you, drop it behind the Knight. If you don't, you can have whatever support unit at your disposal. An Ice Wizard or a Musketeer is recommended to slow troops down and have a great firepower. Putting all these units in the arena will give you a great push and a counter-push as well thus winning you a tower.


3lgGAO.gif Rgm7xO.gif

Always use your Baby Dragon + Knight to counter. This 7 elixir combo will not only defend your towers but will set you up for another counter push. You can add in the Musketeer and Ice Wizard for a complete defense on both air and ground.

Additional Tip:

wjzlBM.gif 1jODRP.gif

In dire situations, you can use the Battle Ram to lure units away from your tower. You can also have the Battle Ram lead the team together with the Bandit if you feel like your opponent already exhausted his/her elixirs.


This deck doesn't have any buildings to lure opponents in the middle. You only have a lot of support troops to get rid of them. As we've shown on the Defense part of the strategy, you can use the Minions, Knight, and the Baby Dragon to get rid of any pushes and then start your counter-push right away. It also doesn't have any Zap against Sparky or the Inferno Dragon. It uses the Minions to clear them away.

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Check out how DaRealLegend Of Gaming owned his opponents by doing a massive defense, countering, and then counter-pushing with this deck.


This deck gives you a good counter to any foes and at the same time set you up for a counter-push. Adding the Battle Ram in the deck gives it an additional offense to damage buildings and towers. The support cards are enough to defend foes away from yours and strong enough help you make a good push.

The deck and video is by DaRealLegend Of Gaming check out his Youtube Channel for more Gaming HERE!

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Last modified: 12, 09, 2017

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